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Black Dating

Welcome to black people dating! Black singles dating sites are open for all Internet users. If you want to date black men, read our reviews and join black dating sites! If you are looking to date black women, our site is the very one for you.

Black people don’t differ from white people but, they often want to find their better half among other black people. It’s normal thing, so the Internet offers them them the chance to visit the specialized dating services. Black dating sites are created for black singles of all ages. Whether you are old or young, large or small, you’ll find the person who will love you as you are.

Black singles dating sites are the best way to meet new people. All the members of black dating sites are divided into people who are looking for fun only (10%), people who want sex or casual affairs (10%), and people who try to find the love of their life (80%). Analyzing this fact we see that almost everyone who joins the online black dating site has pretty high chances to find their destiny during online dating.  By reading our dating reviews, you’ll be able to find the best site according your demands.  Visit black dating sites to find the one you need.

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We are pleased to present to you an original dating service, is created for African-American people who are looking to date black men or black women. Over 1,000 new members join Black People Meet daily. The site has created one of the biggest African-American communities in the US. So register today and start to enjoy black people dating with right away!
1 August 11, 2014
By MM from Texas
I find this website to be a let down because so many people are deceiving and misleading. Personally, I feel it should be free for all the crap you have to put up with them screening the information you want to provide on the site.
1 January 16, 2013
By K from Maryland
Black People Meet and Black Christian People Meet should be called Black Liars! These websites suck! If you are a nice, decent woman leave these sites alone. Nothing but trash and liars!
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4.4 4.4
2 is a pretty simple and very convenient site for larger people dating. It differs from other larger people dating sites with an inviting interface and advanced features. Join in and start dating with!
5 December 31, 2009
By Vivian from Middletown, RI has opened many abilities. I like meeting new people and now I’m looking for a friend and a perfect mate!
3 December 31, 2009
By B.G. from Denver
I hate to tell bad thing but the site is not as perfect as you can imagine. Of course, the design and idea of the site is really interesting but it’s a pity that many people there aren’t looking for the lasting and serious relationships, they just do it for fun. I hate those people because they don’t want to have a date or something else. It’s really hard to find there a real love…
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4.4 4.4
Try for a quality experience on the black people dating scene. Whether you are looking for black men or black women dating you will find them at This service is one of the best one among other black singles dating sites. offers you the chance to meet your love online!
1 September 17, 2013
By TP from Charlotte
This site is not worth the money. Ladies, please do not waste your time or money on this site. Most of the men are married,in relationships, playing games, too old, too many children, out of shape or looking for a quick hook-up.There are hundreds of members with no photos and they have full access to your profile and photos, while they hide behind a mask! It is very unappealing and doesn't make you feel very safe. BEWARE!
3 January 10, 2012
By SB from Canada
I found this site very good once you get past all the scammers. I've report at least 5 scammer to the Blacksingle people in the last month. It's crazy that these profiles are not vetted before they are appoved.
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3.4 3.4
Using you can find many new friends, people to talk to and even a possible mate for life. It’s possible to share your interests with other users, to communicate in chat rooms, and send e-mails. Don't waste your chance and join!
4 January 20, 2010
By Kalina from Memphis, Tenn.
I’ve never believed that I could meet someone in the Internet. But miracles happen. I met my perfect match at and I’m absolutely happy!
2 January 20, 2010
By L'Tanga from Jacksonville, Fla.
An interesting man wrote me two days ago. I really like him! Will see what’ll happen next…
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2.4 2.4