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We are pleased to present to you an original dating service, is created for African-American people who are looking to date black men or black women. Over 1,000 new members join Black People Meet daily. The site has created one of the biggest African-American communities in the US. So register today and start to enjoy black people dating with right away!

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1 August 11, 2014
By MM from Texas
I find this website to be a let down because so many people are deceiving and misleading. Personally, I feel it should be free for all the crap you have to put up with them screening the information you want to provide on the site.
1 January 16, 2013
By K from Maryland
Black People Meet and Black Christian People Meet should be called Black Liars! These websites suck! If you are a nice, decent woman leave these sites alone. Nothing but trash and liars!
5 November 18, 2012
By KMA from California
I was only on BPM for a short time back in 2005, i meet the man of my dreams, we are still together and will be getting married next year. You truely have to have a lot of common sense an trust your instincts when it comes to internet dating. Preditors will tell you what you want to hear, dont let your lonliness make you vunrable to them.
1 October 30, 2012
By dm from melvindale
be careful they took money from my credit card that i did not authorize and would not give me a refund
3 September 19, 2012
By eyp from AL
I have been a member off an on for years but I still haven't connected with that significant other. I think they do have reasonable prices but it wouldnt hurt if they give discount more often or after every six months you get one free month.
1 September 11, 2012
By EMD from Wisconsin
I am not one to limit myself, so I don't mind online dating. With that being said... BPM is a big letdown. I would like to meet a lady with similar qualities, but as I peruse through the profiles, all I seem to find are women who are out of shape, or just plain fat. Is it rude to put an additional statement at the end of my profile message... FAT WOMEN NEED NOT APPLY???
4 August 31, 2012
By LAR from NJ
A friend recommended the site and I went on. I have been successful with I meet my BF on there five years ago and we are still together and making plans to get married. We officially moved in together two years ago. I know that some people have problems, but you have to weed out the people that your not interested in to find the one. Thats just my opinion. Thank you BPM for helping me find my soulmate.
5 August 27, 2012
By LG from Omaha
I joined this site twice. The 1st time no luck. Talked to some nice guys but no connection. Quit and then just this past xmas I rejoined I guess I was lonely over the holidays. I figured I would give it one last try and in january I met a really nice guy he lived in a different state so I figured nothing would come of it. Happy to say he moved to my town and we are now happily engaged to be married next fall. Don't discount people based on physical things, the overweight guy just may be the love of your life. With your encouragement weight can come off but a fine dude who treats you like crap well thats unlikely to change.
1 August 03, 2012
By KLW from Maryland
Stay as far away from as you can and I guarantee you'll save yourself a lot of headaches and disappointments.

I was contacted by a "Pastor" who turned out to be a recent REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER who had criminal charges pending against him. Also contacted by some dude who was incarcerated in a FEDERAL PRISON. You can be hard headed if you want and join this site, but you better know how to run FREE background checks the same minute you find out their REAL names; I'm not kidding. Also, learn how to check area codes to make sure they actually live in the state that they say they're in as well as checking the numbers that they give you to find out their REAL names.

The "men" on BPM are pathetic and basically looking for sex and they hop over to POF with the same dishonest lame games after they've used women on BPM.

More than half of the guys on BPM are MARRIED, CRIMINALS, THUGS, UNEMPLOYED, LIVING WITH RELATIVES, and not worth the time of day.

A lot of guys on this site claim to "love the Lord" and they're "God fearing" but, they're very much MARRIED and you won't hear from them until the weekend because they're with their families during the weekdays! These creeps are liars beyond recognition. Don't fall for the flowery language in their profiles; honest, caring, sincere, trusting, down to earth, loving, God fearing, love Jesus, chivarly, I know how to treat a lady like a queen, etc. because it's all GAME.

A lot of these monkeys also have more than one profile on this site. You can't say you weren't warned!
4 August 03, 2012
By CB from Georgia
I've been up front and honest with the guys and I've had more than enough responses and yes some were fat but a great deal were good looking and in shape. If I was looking for a significant other I could choose one just based on what I see from the responses but I just want friends that's all. No bad experiences I say go for it.
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