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Try for a quality experience on the black people dating scene. Whether you are looking for black men or black women dating you will find them at This service is one of the best one among other black singles dating sites. offers you the chance to meet your love online!

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1 September 17, 2013
By TP from Charlotte
This site is not worth the money. Ladies, please do not waste your time or money on this site. Most of the men are married,in relationships, playing games, too old, too many children, out of shape or looking for a quick hook-up.There are hundreds of members with no photos and they have full access to your profile and photos, while they hide behind a mask! It is very unappealing and doesn't make you feel very safe. BEWARE!
3 January 10, 2012
By SB from Canada
I found this site very good once you get past all the scammers. I've report at least 5 scammer to the Blacksingle people in the last month. It's crazy that these profiles are not vetted before they are appoved.
3 February 06, 2011
By LP from Texas
Hi, Like many others I was looking for Love. I met this guy from Magnolia Tx on the site and guess what he completely lied about everything on his profile. He turned out to be married. I still love the site and hope to use it later.
2 January 25, 2011
By djh from kansas city
Lots of fake photos and profiles. Cheapest account is longest amount of time and no refunds, so by the time u figure it out.......too late.
1 November 03, 2010
By RC from Chicago
Beware if you join for they have a problem with scammers hacking their site and posing as members. I have tried numerous of times to have them explain to me how they'll even allowing these individuals to join the site and send out messages to other members before they're eventually removed from the site. No one from has address my question. And yet they can take my membership fee and not address the growing problem they're having with these scammers. They clearly have security issues on their site and have failed to address them. Many of the members choose to use fake photos and while has to approve of these photo before posting them, they fail to notice that most are fake until you bring it to their attention. There are much better dating sites that reduces your chances of being scam or having to deal with fake profiles, isn't one of them.
4 June 21, 2010
By Ostin from New-York, US
Thank you much for review! Finally, I've found the site I really like. I registered there a week ago. I'm gonna find the one there
4 June 18, 2010
By Johnny from TN, US
I’m black and I’m happy that now it’s possible to enter black community using Internet. It’s not just an entertainment but a good possibility to talk to other people.

4 December 15, 2009
By Janson Makon from UK
Hi! I’m now on the site. I like it. I’ve already met some people but still had no dates. I hope I’ll do next time!
5 December 14, 2009
By Jessy L. from IN, USA
It’s a great service. I’d love to use it all my life but I’ve already met the person I need here! Also I’ve met a lot of friends here. We meet often and have a good time together. Thanks to its developers. Blacksingles is really cool!
5 December 14, 2009
By T.H. from CT, USA
Hi I want to tell my own happy story. I registered on Blacksingles a year ago. I didn’t believe that someone could possibly find the perfect match here in the Internet. But two weeks later a handsome stranger wrote to me. We’d been talking for a month in the Internet. And then we met each other in a café. And do you know what? We married two days ago. And now I recommend this site to everybody who wants to face his real love!

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