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5 November 29, 2009
By G.H. from LA, USA
Guys… is bizaro

On Match, I couldn’t get a response from any attractive woman… it was humiliating and really affected my confidence.

So I sheepishly signed up for Perfectmatch as the last ditch effort. I started at the top… the hottest available. I've sent out 10 quick icebreakers and got 3 responses! Then they started emailing me!!!

This girl, Heather, unbelievable! I started Sunday night and we are meeting Friday! Sure, she lives 80 miles away but OMG!!!

I am a really average looking guy. Yeah… I have a nice job and am well educated but never in my wildest dream would I expect to have a chance with someone like Heather. And she is just my best option!
1 January 07, 2012
By JM from DC
Jan 7 2012
My experience with this site has been extremely disappointing. Their data base is obsolete and crowded with inaccurate information. Furthermore, there is no way to know if the messages sent do ever get their destination.
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4.9 4.9
5 December 09, 2009
By Len from US basically applies quantity over quality to the online dating scene. It offers tons of profiles to view and is perfect for those who just want to use the internet for finding someone and breaking the ice before setting up a date. The website will be less of a hit for people wanting to learn more about their compatibility with potential matches before heading out for a real-world encounter.
5 December 08, 2009
By KG from Canada
Over the past few years and after trying numerous online dating sites, I would say I have had the best luck of all with It’s a really enjoyable and easy site to use, and I really like the way it’s set up. I highly recommend it.
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4.8 4.8
5 December 01, 2009
By M.S. from Ireland
i've made contact with quite a few really nice and interesting people from different countries and i keep up that contact with them now on a regular basis. this was my purpose in joining the site.
if the site was policed more vigilantly to rid it of these fraudsters it would be an absolutely fantastic dating/encounter site
Thanks Mate1!
4 December 02, 2009
By Jack F. from KN
Sign-up to for free and create your free profile in just a couple of minutes. Answer a few questions about yourself and what you're looking for in a date and you're done! It's great... so... I recommend it!
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4.7 4.7
4 FriendFinder
4.6 January 05, 2010
By Roy J. from Baton Rouge
I love web cam chat. I spend much time there. It’s the best site feature. This service helped me to make my boring life brighter
4.7 January 04, 2010
By Chanel from Portland
FirenFinder is a good site I think; it’s really fresh and original. I like using it!
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4.7 4.7
4 April 04, 2010
By Hyun Ki from Taiwan
I live in Canada but I’m from Taiwan. I was looking for a girl of my dream and found her finally. Thanks to AFF!
4 April 06, 2010
By la from T
This site is interesting for me. I like using it. I talk to many people and watch their videos. It was a good idea to make the site Asians.
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4.5 4.5
4 April 10, 2010
By Angel from USA
I’ve met a lot of friends at Catholic Mingle. We often visit theatres together and on Sundays – churches. I like one boy in our company and I think my feeling is mutual.
2 April 02, 2010
By Patricia from USA
I can’t say that the site is bad but I don’t think it’s good. It is something ordinary without any new ideas. If you believe in god you won’t visit such sites!
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4.5 4.5
4 December 10, 2009
By Dan from MX
Finding Singles Made Easy! This hot and proven offer has just received a pay bump, meaning you get the best return possible. This exclusive offer is brought to you by one of the top online dating advertisers and gives you more options than ever to customize this offer to ensure you hit your target markets more effectively. Run this offer today so you don't get singled out from this amazing opportunity!
3 June 21, 2010
By Sunny25
The site is full of scammers. I was using it for a couple of months but vainly.
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4.4 4.4
1 April 07, 2012
By JB from New Orleans Louisiana
Black People Meet wants to trick you out of your money each month.They show you many different profiles,but they don't tell you that the person you want to contact is no longer a member.
5 January 07, 2011
By D.B. from TX, USA
I met the love of my life on BPM. We're married and are expecting our second child. I think anyone can be as fortunate if they date smart. Weed out the "playas" & TRUST YOUR FIRST INSTINCTS. They are usually right.
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4.4 4.4
2 April 10, 2012
1 May 04, 2013
By Eric van Baars from France
I didn’t like it at all. Super boring website with strange people. This idea of single friends scares normal people away. Hahaha There are lots of better sites for meeting interesting and fun people. I had an account on AFF but changed it fast to Cool girls,very hot ones and funny . They are not shy to open cams guess this gives the idea about real people on the site.
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4.4 4.4
5 December 31, 2009
By Vivian from Middletown, RI has opened many abilities. I like meeting new people and now I’m looking for a friend and a perfect mate!
5 December 30, 2009
By Noreen T. from Detroit
Hello, I am big and beautiful! I joined the site yesterday. It’s cool that I hadn’t to pass a long and boring registration. is really simple and convenient. I use it with pleasure.
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4.4 4.4
11 Yahoo Personals
5 June 21, 2010
By Brad G.
I always used but I didn't know that there was a special place for online dating. When I'd known about yahoo personals I registered there. It was half a year ago. I'm still there and I love this service.
4 March 14, 2010
By from US
This is a good dating review!
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4.4 4.4
4 December 16, 2009
By B. J. from MI, USA is the largest and the best one dating service I think. Visiting it you’ll feel the warm and pleasant ambience. It’s cool when you come back home after heard day, turn on your computer and go there. I use it for meeting new people. I’ve ha some dates but they were not extremely successful. But I don’t leave the site; I hope I’ll find somebody to fill my loneliness.
5 December 16, 2009
By Terry B. from CA, USA
This site is created for people who believe in God. I do believe and I like talking to the faithful. There I’ve written even some essays, I like expressing my thought about God. I know people on Christiancafe will always understand me and that’s wonderful.
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4.3 4.3
3 December 10, 2014
By hb from florida
autopayments need to be disabled!

CM is not easy to perform a refund when the automatic payment goes through!

Make sure to disable it!

Christian Café is so much better IMHO
1 October 05, 2012
By JP from indiana
charges appearing on my bank account that I never authorized!
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4.3 4.3
3 April 06, 2010
By Tahmores
I can’t say I love this site most of all. I have my personal page there. But I think other sites are much better.
4 April 01, 2010
By Kaemon from -
I like because it has clear and stylish design. There is no advertising, everything is simple but well-done. As far as I know this the one site for Latin singles. Thanks to its developers for the good idea!
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4.3 4.3
4 March 25, 2010
By Alyssa from Tennessee
I’ve tried many dating sites. And now I know that Dating Direct is the best one for sure.
3 March 24, 2010
By James from IN, USA
Dating Direct is a good site. As far as I know it has a great number of users, so people can easily meet, talk and then date in real life. For me it’s a problem to use such services. I have no time for it, but still I’m reading your reviews and I have some plans to join Dating Direct.
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4.1 4.1
1 April 02, 2010
By D. G. from South Dakota
I have too much problems with that site! I bought a gold account half a year ago but I didn’t get all those benefits. Since that time I’ve written dozen of e-mails but there are still no results.
5 March 08, 2010
By Mary from Oklahoma City
This is a great place for people over 50. I’m 55 and I like using this site. I have a lot interests and I’m always ready to share them with other members.
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4.1 4.1
4 December 27, 2009
By Abigail D. from Avenal, CA
I’ve started to use eHarmony recently. I love this site because of its simple design and good features. I’ve already met there several people I like. So I think I’ll find the only one for marriage next time! Have someone had a success experience using eHarmony? It’s pretty interesting for me to listen to some stories!
4 December 28, 2009
By K.M. from Carson City, NV
I register the site after reading their statistics. Do you know that 236 members marry every day? I like eHarmony because here I can meet the people of any nationality and religion. I hope I’ll become one of the lucky people having found there love with eHarmony.
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4 4
4 March 20, 2010
By Mary from Tennessee
I was a widow of 35 years old. I had no hopes to find someone when I knew about That time I registered and was so surprised. Many men wrote me and I started to realize that the life goes on. Singlec helped me to cope with depression.
5 December 24, 2010
By rlm from lafayette-in.
rating 5
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4 4
4 April 08, 2010
By Big Boy from USA is a friendly place with many interesting people. I don’t pay for membership but still I have enough features.
3.5 April 02, 2010
By Ann from CT, USA
I’ve just registered Fast Cupid. I like interface and main features. I think it was a great idea to join 10 sites in one. And the price is really law.
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4 4
5 November 26, 2009
By G.F. from TX, USA
I found Singlesnet to be а legit site. I paid for a one month subscription. Went for lunch and chatted on their chatline. I have never had any problems. To be honest on Singlesnet you don't really need to subscribe, just post your email address in the chat... LOL... So I could of saved the the $20+, but... I can say its legit. I'm a male, and throughly enjoyed the site. All the negative responses, they must of have been doing something wrong! :)
4 June 18, 2010
By Diana from Toronto, Canada
Singlesnet is quite interesting dating site. It gives everyone a chance to communicate and make dates. I've been using it for a month already and I'm satisfied with the results
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3.9 3.9
4 March 18, 2010
By Robert S. from WV
I’m so happy to be a member of This site gave me a great chance to find many-many friends. I really have a perfect rest when I’m there. Thanks to!!
3 October 21, 2011
By DD from Cincinnati
I have been a member of for about a month now. I haven't met that special one yet, but I have talked to some amazing people!
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3.9 3.9
5 December 25, 2010
By mf from dayton,ohio
5 December 20, 2009
By John N.D. from Chicago
I do like this site and do not either. Of course it’s a well-done project for Jewish but it’s a pity that I should obligatory tell everybody about my religion and other private things. I’m Jewish but I don’t visit synagogue and many people don’t want to talk to me (
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3.8 3.8
4 September 24, 2010
By llb from Sayre,OK
very good
4 June 21, 2010
By Kate M. from Kansas
EasyFlirt is a site for exciting dating. There you can use video chat, wink other members and whatnot. I've met the guy I like there. So good luck to me:)
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3.8 3.8
5 April 01, 2010
By James from Wisconsin
I met attractive Christian woman. Now we often spend time together and talk about G-d. Our relations don’t seem like love affair, it’s something more spiritual and I like it.
2 April 01, 2010
By Cris from Little Rock
As for me this site is not as good as Christian Café. I’ve tried it once and realized that it has no desirable features. And I’ve chosen Christian Café at least.
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3.8 3.8
5 June 21, 2010
By Monika from US wasn't my first experience in online dating. But it was certainly the best one. I registered there in 2009 and was using the service for 7 months. One day when I entered my profile I saw a letter from one of the site users. He wrote something like "You are beautiful and I wanna meet you so much". I was a bit afraid for the first time but I agreed. We met next day and are still together:)
4 April 02, 2010
By Mark from LA, USA
I’ve heard that this site is not recommended now. They had some problems with laws. Though my friends use it and like all feathers as far as I know…
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3.8 3.8
5 January 30, 2012
By D.R. from Montana
I had a good experience with a lot of the messages I sent and got replies from were bots or some kind of scam, which was starting to get annoying because i put money into the site. Also after applying for just a simple silver one month membership they tried to charge me for a whole year, but i called customer service right away when I found that much money missing from my bank account. They fixed it that day. So just call and be sure to handle it like anything else let them know they cant just do that. Anyways after sifting through a whole bunch of scams I actually found some one real, and she was sexy so sexy I thought it was another scam but we exchanged e-mails and phone numbers and talked for about a month before we actually met mostly about what we were into sexually and about our lives. When we met she was even hotter in person. We met at my place in the parking lot and then I invited her up to my dorm room and we were up all night. It was the best lay I've ever had. We enjoyed each other so much that even though we were looking for NSA we ended up together. So the site does work but it's not like you'll get laid tonight! It can take some time you just have to be persistent. Good luck let me know if you have any questions or advice. Thanks for reading.
5 March 13, 2010
By Grace L from LA, USA
Wow! It’s the very site I’ve been looking for. I know what I’ll do when have a free time. Thanks!
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3.6 3.6
3 April 02, 2010
By Marcus from Texas, Austin
I like but I think it’s too expensive. I can’t waste money in such a stupid way.
3 June 18, 2010
By Michael Corner from CO, US
I’ve found here nothing but young girls and boys who are looking for entertainment. This site is not for me though the design and other features are not bad.

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3.6 3.6
4 December 15, 2009
By Janson Makon from UK
Hi! I’m now on the site. I like it. I’ve already met some people but still had no dates. I hope I’ll do next time!
4 June 21, 2010
By Ostin from New-York, US
Thank you much for review! Finally, I've found the site I really like. I registered there a week ago. I'm gonna find the one there
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3.4 3.4
3 January 30, 2011
By kg from WI
I'm a member of and think it is the best site around. Their format is incredibly refined so as to make finding your match quick and easy.

Match accomplishes this in several ways. First, they allow up to 10 photographs (yes, looks are part of the "chemistry thing" for many of us).

Secondly, they have members post much critical information right up front, such as:

-are you married, single, divorced, separated, or never married?

-how many children do you have and where do they live?

-what are your smoking or drinking habits?

-what pets do you have?

-what age range are you looking for?

-where are you on the liberal/conservative spectrum of politics?

-what is your general physique?

-what is your religious preference?

-what are your interests? (very important information to me!)

-what are your exercise habits

-what is your income range? (Optional)

-what is your ethnicity?

-what are your favorite things?

-what do you do for fun?

Also importantly,'s first section permits you to describe who you are and what you're looking for in a match. To me, this section is very valuable. It allows you to speak from your heart and be creative in how you say it. If you decide to join, I would encourage you to give this section some real thought and time. After all, this is that "important first impression!" If you must, compose it on Word Perfect and then copy and paste it into the Match section. Your time will be well spent.

Matches are generated according to how well your profile matches other members' profiles. You are then sent a list of potential matches and the format allows you to quickly sort through the profiles to find those that really spark your interest :)

If one of you doesn't see the potential for a match, then there are polite options for declining communication. That is the expected to happen to us all, of course. Take heart, though, if we are patient enough, the "right one" just might come along looking for you! If you and a match do express mutual desire to communicate, then communication is allowed to be very free-flowing.
4 December 04, 2009
By One Guy from Pittsburgh
I have been on the site since March and have already gone on 15 dates (none of them have evolved into a relationship yet, but the women have all been cool, and all of the dates were reasonable). I am 38 and have never been married, am highly-educated, but I do not post a picture on my profile because of my job. I have a detailed profile though, and it is positive. Many people told me not to waste my time if I wasn't going to post a picture, but it honestly hasn't been much of an issue.
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3.2 3.2
3 June 18, 2010
By Tony L. from IL, US
I started using the site about a year ago. I did my best to find someone but it I couldn’t. Many profiles that I liked didn’t ask me. And when I decided to leave the site, I met my very one. Now we are happy together!
1 April 18, 2012
By RR from Ilinois
System generated emails from non paying members, no way to know if other profiles are current,may not have logged in for years
Total waste of money. I sent over 20 emails, got no replies. Most 'views' of my profile were from China or Europe.

I contacted customer support days after joining. I wrote to many members the site said were intersted in me. Some could not receive emails. Some may have, but I never got a single reply. Their system generates emails to make it appear people are intersted or active. But this does not mean they have been online in more than 30 days, or are able to communicate with other paying members. When I posted my comments in my profile, took down my profile but could not say why. They refused to refund my money.

This site is run by a company called Matchmaker and Avalance LLC. Any sites run by Matchmaker or Avalance should be avoided. They are a total waste of your funds.
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3.2 3.2
3 January 11, 2010
By Kaylee J from Ohio
I do love the site. I’m 25 and working a lot. I don’t have free time to meet someone or to have dating. So I decided to join Lava Life. I’m absolutely satisfied with everything. I communicate a lot, flirt with other members and even have some admirers…)
5 March 17, 2010
By LF from Texas
I met the love of my life on Lava July 2007 we just celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary on March 14, 2004.
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3.2 3.2
4.5 April 08, 2010
By Stiv
Hurry Date is not that usual dating site. It is a community which makes parties and dating events. I think it’s the best idea within American dating market.
4 February 14, 2012
By LT from Chicago
Hmmm. I don't know what people are saying here. I had a really fun night. I actually showed up too late to the first party I tried to go to and the host told me to contact their customer service and they gave me a free party just to be nice (even though I totally admitted it was my fault). I didn't meet my husband-to-be, but a few really sweet guys. One I went on two dates with.
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3 3
4 July 11, 2014
By Jack from NY
Thanks to this site I met my gorgeus brunette - latino girl! She is positive, romantic and stunningly beautiful.
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3 3
3 August 18, 2012
By cdc from New Mexico
Pictures are wonderful but customer service has a lot to be desired.
3 March 29, 2010
By Marcus from North Carolina
I’ve found out that is a bit similar to Though the idea is not too fresh, I like the site and use it when have some free time
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2.9 2.9
2 April 01, 2010
By Tony from Vermont
I joined the site about a year ago. Since that time I haven’t found anybody. All guys there are looking for sex and nothing more.
1 September 25, 2011
By db from colorado
lies,lies, and more lies,,,not free not even close. Unless you pay a lot of money you can not contact anyone. They dont tell you how long its been since the member was active and many are years old. Very few women ever respond
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2.9 2.9
5 April 03, 2010
By Samantha
I am a member of interracial club; there I share interests with other people and talk a lot. This site has won my heart!
4 June 18, 2010
By Kissy from NY, USA
According to dating reviews this site is not bad. I don't believe that I can find my perfect match in the Internet. But I'd better try.
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2.9 2.9
3 April 02, 2010
By Lora from New York
Passion is a great place to meet sexy girls. I’ve bought premium account and now I use everything I want. So I can find new people in chats, blogs and friend groups. But still I don’t like the site design. I think it must be a bit more erotic.
1 April 01, 2010
By Jenny from Loves Park , Illinois
After I’d tried I realized that free membership was useless. The only sense for them is getting as much money as possible. So I don’t want to pay for dating. It’s stupid.
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2.7 2.7
1 January 31, 2011
By GRD from United Kingdom
Well, what can I say that is good?? Sadly, not a lot. When you sign up for a free profile, you receive so many emails from so many gorgeous girls from all over the world. But read the headings to the emails and there will be a clue - they look like they were generated by a 1970s robot!! Worse still, when you have paid the money, they all vanish into the mist. What a complete and utter con, it is hard to believe that a company can operate such a complete scam and on a global basis. I strongly suspect that there is a team employed to snare unsuspecting fools (mainly men) to join and pay up. There are many sites playing similar tricks and I think it is time to uncover them for what they are. Do not pay, do not join, go and do something else instead. There are some genuine sites, but buyer beware. They are also expert at continuing to take money from your credit card in the future. Buyer beware!!
4 January 16, 2010
By Laura from Oklahoma City
Thanks to all of you! I love!
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2.4 2.4
4 January 20, 2010
By Kalina from Memphis, Tenn.
I’ve never believed that I could meet someone in the Internet. But miracles happen. I met my perfect match at and I’m absolutely happy!
2 January 18, 2010
By Llysha from USA
I just met my fiancé at this wonderful site!!!!!!!!! The site is very good, I advise it everyone!!!!
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2.4 2.4
2 April 07, 2010
By Hakaru
The site is too ordinary. There are no fresh ideas except the color profile. I think its creators could make it more interesting
3 April 07, 2010
By Emiko from Taiwan
This site has many success stories. I know that many people have found each other with the help of ASC.
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2.4 2.4
2 April 08, 2010
By Suleyman from Florida
I’ve been using the site for three months. I’ve sent many letters to different girls but no one of them answered. Something is not right there.
1 May 19, 2014
By M from Cincinnati
I met a Man on Match and dated him for 2 months, total player. Said he was 48 yrs old and found out he was really 53. We broke up and I tried Datehookup and he is on this site also, says 48 and he would be 54 years old now. The minute I saw the liar, game playing fool on here, I quit. I will find a good man on my own.
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2.3 2.3
1 May 18, 2011
By JMM from Fresh Meadows, NY
Stay away from this web site if you are intelligent or have anything going for you in life! This site is an utter waste of time! Most of the users have singles profiles here that read all the same way and sound all alike. This site is filled with uneducated people, who lack direction in life and are just utterly mindless wonders! The people who join this site are the most simple-minded, extremely stuck up, ignorant, nasty, prejudist and closed-minded people I've ever met. Most users of this web site are arrogant mental cases. This site is particularly bad if you live in the New York City area. If you live in New York, happen to be independent minded and have a brain in your head, you don't stand a chance getting anywhere with these losers! I dated only one person plus attended one singles event from using Plenty Of Fish and have been using this site for over 5 years, both meetings were disasters. Stay away from Plenty Of Fish with a 10 foot pole if you know what's good for you!
1 March 13, 2012
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2.2 2.2
1 August 08, 2011
By rcp from ri, usa
The site was good a year or two ago. Now it is full of pretentious members who have been on there for ever. Gee I wonder why? If you criticize any of the nonsense in the forums you get a polite warning from Brian (one of the owners) putting you on probation. If you profess or discuss anything that the "moderators" (insert owners) disagree with they harass you and make the entire experience pointless and dispiriting. It was entirely reminiscent of high school nonsense with emails from members chastising your beliefs. Eventually if you do not acquese they cancel your membership. Its really childish and ridiculous. They even go so far as to cloak demeaning comments which are engineered to attack your opinions with false platitudes like "I will pray for you" if you happen to disagree with them. There are really no women on there truly looking for relationships. They get caught up on calling people sinner and fornicators if they kiss on first date. Nonsense like that . Just keep away. You and God know your conscious. You do not need a site of moderators to tell you how Catholic you are :-)
2 January 12, 2010
By Christopher from Nebraska
I believe in God but I’m not that fanatic. I registered Catholic Match about a month ago, but I have nothing to do there. All people are so faithful that they don’t find other subjects for conversation. I think this site is no what I need..
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2.1 2.1
1 June 08, 2012
By TL from Kansas city
Major freak show, the men seem to be living in a relatives basement frothing to find a beautiful women with a job. Show be named
1 December 05, 2011
By NRF from Oz
9 months, and not one proper reply, despite having contacted over 100 people. Obvious fraud- how do I get my money back. This is the worst industry for stealing from people who do not have the opportunity to be able to get out and abut and meet people all the time.
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2.1 2.1
2 January 26, 2010
By Landon from Wisconsin
I don’t like this site because people there can talk only about religion and something like that…
2 January 24, 2010
By Alyssa J from Pennsylvania
I like JRomance interface and main features. I don’t want to upgrade but there is enough functions even for free users.
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2 2
1 February 04, 2011
By TVS from Belgium
Registered a few hours ago, and my account is already suspended. I wonder why. I'm not a Nigerian scammer. Just because I'm from Belgium? Belgium's in Europe, not Africa.
1 August 07, 2012
By jv from Mpls, MN
All the men who contacted me on Spark eventually asked for money...stuck overseas, mugged, etc...I've tried a few other sites, Spark is the only one where I've had this problem...don't bother, I'm not sure there are any real men on the site (Oh, and Tony McRoy contacted me he is still there)
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1.8 1.8
1 November 27, 2011
By gp from pgh pa
I got a reply from every wink i seconds,to good to be true. from the best looking girls on zoosk. im not subscribing, it seems fake.
1 January 19, 2012
By Thomas from France
ZOOSK ARE SUCKERS! Do not waste your money on this website... After you pay for a full membership and send dozens of emails without getting any reply, some day you might finally understand that NO ONE can ever read your messages. Because most of their profiles are FAKE and the real ones, well women can only read the first 20 CHARACTERS of your FIRST email! After this they have to pay too... So after dozens upon dozens of emails and no replies, besides a couple girls telling me they couldnt read my mails (they can only send one message so better make it count!) I am about to file a Paypal dispute. STAY AWAY FROM THESE FUCKERS, ZOOSK IS A RIP OFF!PS: funny how all the reviews are negative and suddenly page 6 is full of positive (obviously fake again!) reviews... Zoosk should be call Zucks. Thomas
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1.5 1.5
48 Anastasia Date
3 September 26, 2012
By GK from Germany
Here some info about me experience with anastasiadate.

I am on this site near 3 years now, I never has spent one cent for any chat or email in this time. I only have analysed what is real and what is not real in this dating site. I know many what is wrong here, also some woman, are not real here. I have checked this site also with my friends, the software and more. There are many emails in my name, never send from me. Also when woman try to start a chat with me, the same second the same woman start a chat with my friends, the same words, only the name is changed to my friends name, good software. I know advertisement and marketing very well and this site has a very good software to make only profit with stupid men.
When my friends register here and write only first time the name and birthday in the profile, no picture nothing, after some hours more than 70 emails was send to my friends inbox. Also many women starting direct the live chat, what a joke. I know real woman from Russia and the Ukraine, this woman will never do like this, this woman much more intelligent and educated then this page and the software. Also it is very clear that this software send the emails and start live chats himself and not a woman, like I see this myself again and again with the emails that was send with my name. How can somebody trust this dating site?
I know that here also real woman that want to have a real partnership and trust this dating site and that all is real, all what I can say and that is the truth, many is not real here and the honest woman and man will be cheated to make money.

1 October 06, 2011
By CA from New Zealand
Beautiful women, who love to live share without your approval, and cam share because they earn the most from it.Will put out all the emotional hooks, including lost jobs etc to empty your wallet.As above comments, buyer beware.Genuine girls would allow a relationship to blossom outside the strict money sucking services they offer.Look for signs, not remembering what you spoke about, rings on fingers, allergy to any sort of commitment until you spend a lot of $ web camming.Ignoring you when you log in, even if you shared amzazing connection previous day.Save your money, they only sucked nzd 1000 out of me, and i consider myself lucky.Also emails to customer service, although promptly answered were no help.More chance of finding genuine girls on loveplanet
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1 April 08, 2012
By pc from UK
My expereince is the same as everyone else by the sound of it.
The explanation about automatic renewal was in an attachment --------right at the end of the inital payment confimation.
This is such an awful site.

Whats more photos aren't visible and noone responds - which make sme wonder if any profiles are genuine.
What a scam.
But how to prevent other suckers getting taken in?

Also once they took my money they don't respond to any messages.
i am soooooooo angry!!

Finally I can't submit this it seems without giving a rating. So am giving it 1 but it deserves -100
1 August 31, 2011
By MH from South East England
I am based in the south east of England and my Mum has been caught out by these guys too. I would like to see if we can focus some sort of co-ordinated protest action in the UK. This would involve us all writing to the same authority -as senior as possible( and why not make it the prime Minister or Chief of Police) - or whatever to have a full investigation carried out. The money involved in these shady practices must be astronomic. Can you please reply to me to indicate if you are in the UK and if you would be willing to follow a lead and complain to ONE central authority? I can then assess how realistic this would be. One problem is that once someone has had their case/problem solved they maybe lose interest in the fight. We need to rally everyone together - if we can.
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