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5 November 29, 2009
By G.H. from LA, USA
Guys… is bizaro

On Match, I couldn’t get a response from any attractive woman… it was humiliating and really affected my confidence.

So I sheepishly signed up for Perfectmatch as the last ditch effort. I started at the top… the hottest available. I've sent out 10 quick icebreakers and got 3 responses! Then they started emailing me!!!

This girl, Heather, unbelievable! I started Sunday night and we are meeting Friday! Sure, she lives 80 miles away but OMG!!!

I am a really average looking guy. Yeah… I have a nice job and am well educated but never in my wildest dream would I expect to have a chance with someone like Heather. And she is just my best option!
4 November 30, 2009
By J.N. from PL
Once you’re done with the sign-up process, the site takes you to the pages you must be interested in. It gives break-up of your type and percentage of people that are similar to your preferred type. Search function of the site is great. Just like many other online dating sites the search facility is quick & the results are accurate. But there’s one draw-back too. Customer-care service of the site is not quite up to the mark.
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4.9 4.9
5 December 08, 2009
By Suz from GA, US
I find Matchmaker to be one of the better dating sites. People who have profiles on this website seem, in general, to be more sincere to me.
1 June 15, 2011
By PR from Houston, Texas
I get all sorts of messages from strange individuals, cities, and countries. Somehow (note this) these people got my email address and started emailing/messaging me. That along would make me think the owners of the site aren't keeping information confidential.
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4.8 4.8
4 December 01, 2009
By KenD from UK
I've got profiles on a several dating sites and I've talked to more women on Mate1 than on the other sites all combined so far. Granted many of them were women just visa seekers Philipenes but alot were relatively local. I haven't found my "soulmate" but I have gone on a few dates from there, some of which were "succesful" if you know what I mean.
5 November 27, 2009
By J.D. from UK
I have received messages from 2 women in the US (and I am in the UK...strange,as someone here pointed out, I am looking to meet girls,not to make pen pals). Even more strangely, I signed up for their first 3 days free full membership (careful,if you don't cancel BEFORE the end of the 3 days,they will charge you a full membership automatically!)
I have cancelled on the 3 day,and guess what,I have received a 'message' from another US girl,claiming that this person would like to correspond with me, but hey, I have to buy full membership of course.
The girl was very attractive and at first glance it seemed genuine, but I seriously doubt it...and anyways,even if it was true,I am looking to meet,not to chat...I would even chat with someone that I could potentially meet.
Still,the profiles I have received seemed fake,to me. The girls were all very attractive and why would they correspond with someone on the other side of the world, if they are looking for a serious relationship?
This site stinks...I recommend and it's entirely free.
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4.7 4.7
4 FriendFinder
5 June 21, 2010
By Pete Sol. from Chicago, IL
If you have no time to find your love you can easily do it with FriendFinder. Every day when I come home after working day I enter my profile and talk to pretty girls. It doesn't take much time but give everyone a chance to meet a special someone.
4.5 January 06, 2010
By Kelly from Troy
I was really depressed after the quarrel with my ex-boyfriend. My friend gave me an advice to visit FriendFinder and it helped me. I’ve met the new boy and now we are happy together. The site offers everybody the chance to find the destiny. It’s very important not to loose it.
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4.7 4.7
5 December 10, 2010
By love from afghnistan
i am nice guy
4 April 04, 2010
By Hyun Ki from Taiwan
I live in Canada but I’m from Taiwan. I was looking for a girl of my dream and found her finally. Thanks to AFF!
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4.5 4.5
4.5 April 14, 2010
By Lora from USA
This dating service is cool – fresh and interesting. The main idea is faith but I can’t say that the site is obsessed only with the one subject. There are many users who have many interest and we can tell about them whenever we want. There are no limits in communication and meeting new people.
4 April 10, 2010
By Angel from USA
I’ve met a lot of friends at Catholic Mingle. We often visit theatres together and on Sundays – churches. I like one boy in our company and I think my feeling is mutual.
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4.5 4.5
4 March 22, 2011
By plb from missouri
looking for afriend for a person to have anice time with and share quite times together
5 December 05, 2010
By I love you all from Usa but am in Ghana now
I was living in Florida panama city,Was living over there with my sister and her husband in the same house about 8month now,I am an African i was born here in west African Ghana
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4.4 4.4
1 August 11, 2014
By MM from Texas
I find this website to be a let down because so many people are deceiving and misleading. Personally, I feel it should be free for all the crap you have to put up with them screening the information you want to provide on the site.
4 August 23, 2011
By SGW from Tx
As always my motto, in order to find Mr Right, you have to be Ms. Right yourself. Thank you BPM. Thank God.
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4.4 4.4
1 January 13, 2011
By JE from Indianapolis
I joined and after one week and about 20 hours on the site I was locked out. Customer service said my account was compromised and that I would have to use another email address and password. I thought this was total BS as simply changing a password should be sufficient. So something weird is definitely going on with their customer service department.
SO I just lost a week’s worth of my time and I must rebuild my profile again because those fools won’t reactivate the account under the old email address. I am filing a negative BBB report and filing a claim with the state attorney general’s office. And I will forward copies of my complaints to the executives.

Business Address:

1080 E. Pecos Road #18
PMB 417
Chandler, AZ 85224

Original Business Start Date: 2/1/2001
Local Business Start Date: 1/1/2002

Type of Entity: Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The BBB listed an additional address as well:

6755 Hollwood Blvd #400 Los Angeles, CA 90028

By the way, PeopleMedia, Inc. had a BBB rating of D- when I last checked.
Incorporated: 2001 in AZ


Sheila Wood, Member Service Manager
Stacie Colvin, Member Services Supervisor

Phone Numbers:
(323) 603-0188
(602) 532-7884
(888) 320-6734
(888) 321-3603

Here is the website of the Arizona Attorney General:

Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard
1 March 04, 2012
By rpa from az
If you are thinking of joining this site here is a warning from one that signed-up for a three-month trial. After about two months in I decided (being dissatisfied) to cancel the membership. I did so and recieved confirmation in my home area that membership would discontinue at the end of the three-month trial (what I paid for) and I would not be billed. Trusting what I saw I did not print the page which I should have as I was billed to renew membership. I called customer support explaining that I cancelled but they said none-the-less I would be billed again to renew because I did not cancel via customer-support line. I had to inform my financial institution (credit pending) which was rather embarrasing as this site is considered a "dating-escort" site. If you decide to join then cancel I highly recommend not only capturing the cancel page but also call thier customer support line and request email confirmation. Be forewarned you may still be billed anyway.
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4.4 4.4
3 December 31, 2009
By B.G. from Denver
I hate to tell bad thing but the site is not as perfect as you can imagine. Of course, the design and idea of the site is really interesting but it’s a pity that many people there aren’t looking for the lasting and serious relationships, they just do it for fun. I hate those people because they don’t want to have a date or something else. It’s really hard to find there a real love…
5 December 29, 2009
By Valentine from Gordon, GA
Hi! I’m 42 and my size, honestly saying, is not very small. When I registered the site I was too shy even to upload my photo. I thought I was too fat to find my perfect match. But miracles happen. I met him a year ago. We were talking all days long and when we met I wasn’t so glad that he liked me as I am. Now we are married and planning to have a baby.
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4.4 4.4
11 Yahoo Personals
5 June 21, 2010
By Brad G.
I always used but I didn't know that there was a special place for online dating. When I'd known about yahoo personals I registered there. It was half a year ago. I'm still there and I love this service.
4 March 14, 2010
By from US
This is a good dating review!
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4.4 4.4
4 December 15, 2009
By Lu M. from AU
Christiancafe is a pretty young site but still it has many users. I like because of calm and relaxing atmosphere. I like communicating with people here. I’m not looking for the lover or something like that. I’m just fond of talking to interesting people and share me interests and thoughts. But maybe some time I’ll meet my special someone here… Who knows )
4 December 16, 2009
By B. J. from MI, USA is the largest and the best one dating service I think. Visiting it you’ll feel the warm and pleasant ambience. It’s cool when you come back home after heard day, turn on your computer and go there. I use it for meeting new people. I’ve ha some dates but they were not extremely successful. But I don’t leave the site; I hope I’ll find somebody to fill my loneliness.
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4.3 4.3
1 January 21, 2010
By dc from texas
I find that this review is manipulative beings that I am a Christianmingle person. The one month subscription is not 13.00's but 29.99, 26.99 if it's Valentines day or another special but for the last 2 years I've not seen it 13.00's. When you try and put in your profile that you are not a member, whoever reviews your profile deletes the truth you speak, oh the list goes on. So truthful not...buyer beware
1 April 01, 2012
By sj from moncton Nb
Need to back off and pushing their religious christian crap on others.
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4.3 4.3
4 April 01, 2010
By Kaemon from -
I like because it has clear and stylish design. There is no advertising, everything is simple but well-done. As far as I know this the one site for Latin singles. Thanks to its developers for the good idea!
5 April 06, 2010
By Radwan from USA
Hola! I want to tell you my opinion of I’m 26 and live in US but I have Latin origins. Earlier I tried many dating sites. I couldn’t find anyone. About a year ago I joined and I was really surprised. No expensive fees, no advertising…this site is simple and convenient. I’ve met my love there. Katrina…We are happy together!
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4.3 4.3
4 March 18, 2010
By G.H. from Gordon, GA
Dating online is what I like most of all. This site is the best way to spend free time meeting new interesting people.
4 November 01, 2010
By dannysinyue from mauritius
i get a girl good girl will me
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4.1 4.1
5 June 18, 2010
By Margo from North Dakota
I am 57 and I've joined Senior FriendFinder. It's a good place for dating. The best thing is that ten men have already writeen me letters.
5 April 01, 2010
By Flower from North Carolina
I like this site because men there are mostly very polite. I can say that there are a lot of gentlemen there. So I dream to meet the one for marital relations. I hope I’ll do…
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4.1 4.1
5 December 27, 2009
By Gary D from Lansing, MI
Hi, everybody! I’ve got my story of love. When I registered eHarmony I could hardly believe in meeting my special someone here. But two weeks later I changed my mind when met very handsome boy living not far from me. It wasn’t a problem to make a date. So that was the happiest day of life. We were walking and speaking all day long. So we fell in love for the first time. We are really happy together now, so I think this site is the best one!
5 June 30, 2010
By DH from Florida
I must admit eHarmony is really good. I found a woman I was really interested in and the match was damn good. While good times were very fun adventureous and on going, progression of which way the relationship was going was not. So a split happened. Anyway, eHarmony was the best meetings I have had on any date site. Give it a go and keep going as their are alot of people to meet.
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4 4
4 March 20, 2010
By Mary from Tennessee
I was a widow of 35 years old. I had no hopes to find someone when I knew about That time I registered and was so surprised. Many men wrote me and I started to realize that the life goes on. Singlec helped me to cope with depression.
4 March 19, 2010
By Big B from Detroit
I’m a Christian but I think using such services is a sin. It’s awful and committed Christians will share my opinion.
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4 4
3.5 April 02, 2010
By Ann from CT, USA
I’ve just registered Fast Cupid. I like interface and main features. I think it was a great idea to join 10 sites in one. And the price is really law.
4 April 08, 2010
By Big Boy from USA is a friendly place with many interesting people. I don’t pay for membership but still I have enough features.
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4 4
5 November 26, 2009
By G.F. from TX, USA
I found Singlesnet to be а legit site. I paid for a one month subscription. Went for lunch and chatted on their chatline. I have never had any problems. To be honest on Singlesnet you don't really need to subscribe, just post your email address in the chat... LOL... So I could of saved the the $20+, but... I can say its legit. I'm a male, and throughly enjoyed the site. All the negative responses, they must of have been doing something wrong! :)
5 March 31, 2011
By R.W from NC
Singlesnet has worked for me, i met my soon to be wife about 9 months ago, everything has worked out just fine. We recently moved in together, and the wildest thing is that we were from different states. It just goes to show you that you can meet your soulmate online. Thanks singlesnet
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3.9 3.9
4.2 March 01, 2010
By James from Toronto
I became a member of in 2004 and I was really happy I joined it that time. I met many friends there and spent my free time talking with them. But then things changed and I left the site. I didn’t want to pay for such simple thing as e-mailing and chatting. But last year I got to know that became free again. And I joined it one more time. Many its features have changed but I like the site now. Buy the way, I met a pretty girl last week. So I’m happy now!
4.3 February 17, 2010
By Elise from AR
Hello! My name’s Elise. I joined BOM a year ago but I still can’t find my perfect match. The guys pay attention only to pretty girls. I’m not pretty but I’m really funny! So I seem to have no chances at BOM though I really love this site
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3.9 3.9
1 April 04, 2011
By PR from California
The site is a scam. Most users on the site don't pay, so you can't message (and now you can't even instant message) them regardless if you pay or not. They have an Allaccess feature but this is garbage since it only allows you to write 10 e-mails per month. As I said, of all the Jewish sites out there, Jdate is the worst, and most expensive. One month with Allaccess will set you back more than $60. Why hasn't this site been shut down? STAY AWAY!
5 December 25, 2010
By mf from dayton,ohio
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3.8 3.8
3 March 16, 2010
By D. G. from -
Easy Flirt is a unique service. It doesn’t copy any other services; it just makes a perfect atmosphere and gives everybody a chance to meet someone special.
3 March 22, 2010
By Ann from USA
I had many easy flirts on but the one is lasting till now. I’m so happy that once I joined this site…
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3.8 3.8
4 April 02, 2010
By Chuck from Nebraska
I’m a Christian man and like this site. I’m not looking for love there but I like talking to different people of my faith. Moreover, I often visit some events made by
5 April 01, 2010
By James from Wisconsin
I met attractive Christian woman. Now we often spend time together and talk about G-d. Our relations don’t seem like love affair, it’s something more spiritual and I like it.
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3.8 3.8
4 February 05, 2011
By jr from
How much? Are the girls real and available to date? Can we communicate directly with them,no middleperson. When i write say 20 different girls nice e-mails will i get say at least 5 dates? Pay no dates no join site if say $60.00 a year. Thank You, John R. Good day!
3 February 25, 2011
By Mr. Jimmy from Newport Beach
Its quite good
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3.8 3.8
1 May 19, 2011
By sk from ohio
After using this site for 4 years I have found that 99% of the women under age 25 are fakes. They use pics stolen from porn sites. (If you don't believe me, just go to If those young girls really DID look like that, they would have NEED to be on a site such as aff. (Not to mention several of the "girls" turned out to be guys after voice chatting with them. One even tried to use a voice-changer download.)
This site is fine if you are a guy that doesn't mind wasting away the day in idle chat with some 19 yr old that is actually 40-something. Too many girls with "here for chat only--will not meet in person!" There's a reason for that--you are expecting a young girl when in actuality her CHILDREN are the same age as what her profile states.
It all comes down to: If it looks too good to be true, it definitely IS!
5 March 13, 2010
By Grace L from LA, USA
Wow! It’s the very site I’ve been looking for. I know what I’ll do when have a free time. Thanks!
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3.6 3.6
4 April 01, 2010
By Lucas
A year ago I tried and I liked it that time. But recently I’ve got to know about chemistry and I’ve joined it. This site is really excellent, all things are in harmony. To be hones this matchmaking system is a bit boring but it really helps everyone to find their love.
4 June 21, 2010
By Helen F.
I use several dating sites but Chemistry is the best among them. It's easy-to-navigate and not too expensive.
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3.6 3.6
1 September 17, 2013
By TP from Charlotte
This site is not worth the money. Ladies, please do not waste your time or money on this site. Most of the men are married,in relationships, playing games, too old, too many children, out of shape or looking for a quick hook-up.There are hundreds of members with no photos and they have full access to your profile and photos, while they hide behind a mask! It is very unappealing and doesn't make you feel very safe. BEWARE!
4 December 15, 2009
By Janson Makon from UK
Hi! I’m now on the site. I like it. I’ve already met some people but still had no dates. I hope I’ll do next time!
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3.4 3.4
4 February 12, 2011
By chris from WI
I have been on Match for almost 3 months. I'm approaching my third and possibly final month. The site is for the most part user friendly. In three months I met over a dozen women, and corresponded with dozens more. So it works as far as being able to meet people.

So 5 stars for Match. It did deliver what it promised and it worked. One site to stay clear of is Plenty of Fish. There is something evil going on there. Trust me on that.

1 January 10, 2011
By robert d. katz from baltimore, md
I am Robert D. Katz and you do NOT have my permission to use my full name. Please remove the post from JT (bitter betty) that has my full name on it. I will take legal action if needed.
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3.2 3.2
5 January 02, 2010
By Lemmpy from Los Angeles, CA
I met my husband on and I’m really thankful to this site. I’d been looking for my special someone for a year before I met George. We had beautiful and romantic dating those times. After our meeting I decided to get the second education and to become a family psychologist. Recently we with my husband have opened our own business where I’m working as a psychologist helping people to realize their feelings.
1 January 12, 2012
By Argh from Brno, Czech Republic
Well! To me, this is totally crap! dont even bother! dozens of fake messages!
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3.2 3.2
3 January 11, 2010
By Kaylee J from Ohio
I do love the site. I’m 25 and working a lot. I don’t have free time to meet someone or to have dating. So I decided to join Lava Life. I’m absolutely satisfied with everything. I communicate a lot, flirt with other members and even have some admirers…)
3 June 21, 2010
By Dorothy from Iowa
Unfortunatly, I've not found my match at LavaLife. The site is quite good but there are too many scammers there.
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3.2 3.2
1 May 19, 2011
By FF from Boston
I signed up for two events and they both were canceled to due an "imbalance" and no refund issued for either. This is total scam and DON'T SIGN UP!! I will never use this service again. They take your money and never even have any events planned..
4 February 14, 2012
By LT from Chicago
Hmmm. I don't know what people are saying here. I had a really fun night. I actually showed up too late to the first party I tried to go to and the host told me to contact their customer service and they gave me a free party just to be nice (even though I totally admitted it was my fault). I didn't meet my husband-to-be, but a few really sweet guys. One I went on two dates with.
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3 3
4 July 11, 2014
By Jack from NY
Thanks to this site I met my gorgeus brunette - latino girl! She is positive, romantic and stunningly beautiful.
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3 3
5 February 20, 2012
By JD from orlando
when i first joined i couldn't believe the online now page. so much action. a couple fine girls but tons of very cute ones. this was first site i actually got a real date off.
3 March 29, 2010
By Marcus from North Carolina
I’ve found out that is a bit similar to Though the idea is not too fresh, I like the site and use it when have some free time
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2.9 2.9
1 July 15, 2012
By nina from Southern California
Many users are fake. I joined twice and had bad experiences about the site. Many millionaire members are untrue and never replied my emails. I saw one memeber with $10Million income per year, he is fake. I saw his profile ten years ago on Millionairematch. Some memebers with lots of photos are also fake. Many members even don't have photos. The people who work on accessed into customers' emails, check emails, and delete phone number which they emailed me. It is horrible. I don't recommend to join this service. You wasted your money and time.
1 September 25, 2011
By db from colorado
lies,lies, and more lies,,,not free not even close. Unless you pay a lot of money you can not contact anyone. They dont tell you how long its been since the member was active and many are years old. Very few women ever respond
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2.9 2.9
4 April 09, 2010
By Kayla
The site is cool. I read astrology prognoses every day. I also like chatting with interesting people. The site has enough features for permanent users.
4 June 18, 2010
By Kissy from NY, USA
According to dating reviews this site is not bad. I don't believe that I can find my perfect match in the Internet. But I'd better try.
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2.9 2.9
1 May 28, 2012
By A. L l from ,Briabane,Qld
Total rip off, Not only will you never get to meet any one, you will be lucky if any one ever replys to an email.
A total and utter waste of time and money.Rating is not worth one star.
4 April 02, 2010
By Lisa from New York
I’ve met a cool guy at He is sexy and always knows what I want. I think our relations will soon become something more than just an intimate affair.
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2.7 2.7
2 March 22, 2011
By DW from USA
I have to agree with KB's review. Once I let my membership lapse, I (a man in my 50s) started getting a HUGE number of emails from attractive women in their 20s and 30s. I'm of the firm belief that these are "sock puppets" - not real. Worse, I suspect that the site is using these women's profiles WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION to try to lure me in.

So, I must wonder: are they using MY profile and photos? Or are they using YOUR profile and photos?

Unethical. And it should be illegal. Good luck, but be careful.
4 June 18, 2010
By Marry L. from Florida, US
I've a good dating experience at SinglesCrowd. I've met my love there recently. I wish everyone to find the perfect match with Singles Crowd!
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2.4 2.4
2 January 18, 2010
By Llysha from USA
I just met my fiancé at this wonderful site!!!!!!!!! The site is very good, I advise it everyone!!!!
2 January 20, 2010
By L'Tanga from Jacksonville, Fla.
An interesting man wrote me two days ago. I really like him! Will see what’ll happen next…
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2.4 2.4
2 April 07, 2010
By Hakaru
The site is too ordinary. There are no fresh ideas except the color profile. I think its creators could make it more interesting
3.5 April 07, 2010
By Akashi from USA
Asian Singles Connection is the very place for communication. I’ve found many friends there and I like talking to the. I’ve got to know a lot about different countries because many Asians live in the remote corners of the world.
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2.4 2.4
2 December 09, 2011
By H from Ohio
Been on there two weeks and ain't heard from any one. Had one person with no pic and two ugly chicks view my profile. That's about it.
4 April 01, 2010
By Lisa from USA
I’ve met a nice guy there. We write letters to each other and are going to meet in real life soon. I like everything that Hookup offers. All the more I don’t have to pay for online dating!
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2.3 2.3
1 June 08, 2011
By elaine from richmond hill
I was on Plenty Of Fish for a while, and I can testify that for sure, that Markus guy, owner of Plenty Of Fish, does not care about the safety of the women on his site at all!!! All he cares about is his pocket book and how much he's making. I went on a date with a really good-looking guy, who turned out to be a total creep. I went out with him 3 times in total. On the 3rd date, we went back to his place. His apartment had pictures of several of his ex-girlfriends with their eyes plucked out! Needless to say, I got totally creeped out, made an excuse to leave, and I never went out with him again. But he kept on calling me and harrassing me. And even wrote me harassing emails through that site. I reported this Markus, forwarding the harassing emails to him as evidence, and you know what happened? He kicked ME off the site!!! And that guy is still on there!!!! Can you believe that BS??? I guess Markus wanted to keep the creep on there just because he's good-looking!

I read in one of the newspapers somewhere that the Orangeville woman who was murdered might've met her killer on Plenty Of Fish. However, Markus claims that the Orangeville woman was off his site when she was murdered. Honestly, I wouldn't believe a single word that guy says. He's probably lying in order to protect his pocketbook and his stupid site. I hope the police doesn't believe that guy. That guy's a moron and his site should be shut down. And I hope that it does get shut down, for the safety of all women!!!
5 July 10, 2012
By G.C from Chesterfield
I have smashed loads of birds on here, all you do is copy and paste the same message to a whole page and sure enough you will get a bite. They play it cool but when you meet up they all want the same. I bet i've smashed around 30 chicks from this site, all on the same night of meeting them. Guys if you want some easy sex this is the place to be!
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2.2 2.2
1 May 28, 2013
By ja from San Diego
Toxic. Stay out of the forums. The only thing they're good for is to reveal just how nasty people can be.

When I was on a different site I had more men interested in me in one month than the 2 years I was on CM.

I was in my early 50's & even the men my age were looking for younger, child-bearing aged women.

They are very political, very right-wing. I consider myself a conservative, but according to them I'm a libtard for disagreeing with all the bishop-bashing that goes on.

The call themselves faithful to the Church yet allow their premier (been there the longest) to say the most awful things about our bishops if they happen to disagree with their far right politics I.e. immigration, torture, just war & death penalty.

It was an education I could've done without. They did me a huge favor by kicking me out when they did.
5 January 25, 2011
By Rosario Gozum from Philippines
SeniorPeapleMeet gives senior people a chance to meet someone in which if they are compatible they maybe the best couple who will enjoy each company for the rest of their life.
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2.1 2.1
1 May 09, 2012
By Am from Atlanta
I would use No Star, but it wont let you. I do not know that this applies to other areas or not. For local dating this site is worthless. There are few real people still using the site but lots of Zombies. You get more winks from Bosnia, Philippines and New York, which you do not want to acknowledge. You also get random messages generated by the site. I know this for a fact as one message I got was from an acquaintance that did not sent the message. Other messages you get and if you reply you never hear back they never appear online and basically drop of the face of the Earth. My advice, not worth a cent let alone the money they ask for.
3 January 13, 2012
By TM from New York, NY
The interface could use some work, but concept is decent. There is a new app that recently launched on FB called TiklMe that is similar but more like a flirting game.

Basically you tikl someone and that person gets a lineup of suspects, one of whom is you. If that person tikls you back, there's a match. If that person tikls someone else, than that person gets a lineup and your anonymity is preserved.

Check it out at
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2 January 26, 2010
By Tyler E from Utah
I am not Jewish but I use this site. I like Jewish culture and it’s really interesting for me to talk with many people, to flirt and wink the guys I like. It was a beautiful idea to create J Romance!
2 January 25, 2010
By Madison from South Dakota
My favorite feature is a live chat. I like chatting with other people. Such way I can know them better
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1 January 25, 2012
By cK from New York, NY
do not listen to the good testimonies the scammers are posting those. This site is a scam and full of scammers.They pounce on you and fish for personal info.FOR YOUR OWN SAKE...

1 July 21, 2010
By JR from NYC
I signed up for Let me say, however, that I never got a chance to really use my account.

They suspended my account as soon as I made it. They then only had a customer service number that's open a few hours a day. After almost a week of them charging me, they weren't picking up the phone. I finally got a hold of them and told them I didn't want the service since it had been almost a week and I had no access to their website. They said no.

They said that their rules - which I had no access to since I wasn't allowed on the site - stated they gave no refunds.

They also refused to unsuspend my account until I sent them copies of my driver's license and/or other sensitive documents to prove I am who I say I am. I asked where does it say that I have to send my personal documents, and they said it was a policy they had and wasn't written anywhere.

They said they would downgrade my account, saving me about 10 bucks, to just one month instead of 3. But they absolutely would not refund me the money, though they had no intention of unsuspending my account until I send them my sensitive private documents.

I am currently disputing this transaction through my bank.

What I did see of the site when I was there:

Most of the men were very old
Everyone was from California
I was contacted by a 50 year old man right away - though I'm 22.

Making the profile:

It was very hard.
They asked what must have been between 100-200 questions - all very psychological in nature, so it took a while to answer.
I tried to put in my personal details: height, build, hair, etc. - but they refused to display that stuff unless I put in my weight. I don't like telling even my mother my weight, not that I'm fat, but it's a private thing.

I had to redo the profile about 10x, and it still didn't work. Finally I tried logging out then back in and that's when I found out my account was suspended.

Overall: This was a horrible waste of time, and currently a big waste of money.
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1 August 30, 2013
By BMM from Ft. Myers
This is a NO STAR RANKING. I joined this con artist site for (what I thought was $19.95 mo.
I joined for ONE MONTH.
These scumbags billed me for THREE @$19.95 ea.
$60.00 for being referred to "COWS" is definitely not worth it, let alone $19.95.
1 January 28, 2012
By rlpj from rlpj55
You will read alot of negitive stuff abut Zoosk, and you will find that all is true, same stories, just differant people that they have ripped off, its Fake!and yes I'm one of the ones thats has got no results, and ripped off, the sad part the people on other end trying to get up with can't, for along time I thought it was me, but now I know it's Zoosk, my advise is do not waste your money!
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48 Anastasia Date
2 December 04, 2012
By NDA from USA
I used this site regular for about six months. I will comment only on my experience. First, the good news. I did meet a very nice lady thru this site, I traveled to Odessa to meet her. We had a great time togeather. Now, I have submitted K1 Visa paperwork for her to come to the USA. So, for me, I have been successful. But, there are alot of bad on Anastasia. I will briefly touch base on a few things. I know from my experience on this site, speaking with ladies on this site, and speaking to interpators in Odessa. Many, Many ladies are not serious here, they only want to go to Dinner and recieve gifts from lonely men. I was told by a friend in Odessa, many of the first letters to recieve from ladies on this site, are not from the person sending them. They are from a lady at the agency, trying to start chat or letters to make money from you. I have been told many agency ladies recruit beautiful young women to just chat and write. They have no intentions of meeting a man. I spoke to one man I know in Odessa, he is a frind. He was paid by another agency, to act as a lady, to write and chat with lonely Western men. He could only do this for two months, he heart would not allow him to do this any longer. I have been told by ladies I meet in the Ukraine, for ladies 18-25, these dating sites are like part time jobs to them. They write and chat to make agency money. Espically in Louganks. I know for a fact, many of the ladies that contact to to chat, are computer generated, they were not generated by a lady to get you to chat with her. If you want to have a real chance at Love, dont play around with little girls, speak to ladies age 30+, they are at a inportant point in their life. Children and marriage opportunities are slipping away with time. So, they are trying hard to find their soul matte in life. Be wise, you can have success. Be stupid, you will get you heart and wallet broken. Good luck!!
1 May 16, 2012
By EB from Sweden
Please read DG's review carefully. There you get all the information you need.

I have been married to my Tanya for soon 10 years and have two kids and I did NOT meet her at Anastasia. But one of our best friends here in Sweden did work for them and what DG from Texas is writing is exactly true. The photos are also heavily photoshoped which you can see for yourself if you open one of their videos.

Just think with logic. What Anastasia do is trying to prolong your communication (they want to make more money, after all they are a business) and have staff that control letters and chat so you cannot have an easier way of communication. This of course make the communication expensive and it’s in direct conflict what the man actually wants – prolong communication and to keep the man and the woman away from each other.

The solution is to find a site that has a different model. Where you pay a monthly or 3-month one off fee and then can do what you want, when you want. For luckily enough there are such sites that are serious. And even luckier – many Ukrainian women prefer men older than themselves. 15-20 years age difference is not uncommon. You just have to keep in shape a little bit….
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1 November 14, 2011
By N from Singapore
Total scam, they are just out to con you. Do not join!
1 September 23, 2012
By N from England
If I could give this zero stars I would! I was a regular member on this site and quite quickly it dawned on me that there were several 'matches' that had the same photo... blurred out photos I hasten to add because you can't see them properly unless you stump up the wonga. Not only that but there were several stock photos too - just to mix things up a bit. Do I want computer generated emails to be sent on my behalf? No. Do I want to receive computer generated emails from non-existent profiles? No! Thank God I read the other user reviews before I gave these people my card details too. The people who run this charade are nothing but scammers who'd steal from their own grannies!
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