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5 November 29, 2009
By Jenn from Phoenix, USA is a user friendly site that covers all the details you will be looking for, in the first instance. Each section of the personality profiler is explained well. The options provided by them are easy to use even for those who’re new to the concept of online dating. However, experience with the website’s interface leaves you wanting more.
5 December 12, 2009
By Cynthia from Florida
I met my future husband on We‘ve dated for two years and got engaged on ST Valentine's Day, 2009. I was only on for two months until I met this wonderful guy.

It all about timing. Don't ever give up hope!

My sister is on this site and also had great luck! I'm really lucky and thank my stars every day for
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4.9 4.9
4 December 13, 2009
By Tooley from Houston, TX
I was originally suspect of any online dating site. My friend convinced me to try I relunctantly registered, hoping to recognize some hotties in my area. After filling out a brief profile, I got someone asking me to post a photo. I obliged and got several winks. Before long, my dating life was alive again! I went on about five or six dates within the first two months. I've actually been dating the same girl that I met on going on three months now.
5 March 02, 2012
By JF from California
Reviews look favorable. Joined the one year- $119.00/year - in error. When I realized mistake cancalled subscription Matchmaker cancalled purchase right away. Really wanted only a 6 months membership to get started Requested cancellation which was done. Hope MM is legitimate and trustworthy. - had an experience with one that was not - BIG SCAM!!!
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4.8 4.8
5 April 15, 2011
By BJB from Canada
#1 in my books.
1 January 03, 2010
By KW from NC
I'd like to try the site, but there are too many complaints when I preform a search. And isnt that a thumbnail of SHANIA TWAIN displayed first on the gallery view???
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4.7 4.7
4 FriendFinder
4.5 January 06, 2010
By Kelly from Troy
I was really depressed after the quarrel with my ex-boyfriend. My friend gave me an advice to visit FriendFinder and it helped me. I’ve met the new boy and now we are happy together. The site offers everybody the chance to find the destiny. It’s very important not to loose it.
4.7 January 04, 2010
By Chanel from Portland
FirenFinder is a good site I think; it’s really fresh and original. I like using it!
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4.7 4.7
4 April 06, 2010
By la from T
This site is interesting for me. I like using it. I talk to many people and watch their videos. It was a good idea to make the site Asians.
5 December 10, 2010
By love from afghnistan
i am nice guy
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4.5 4.5
2 April 02, 2010
By Patricia from USA
I can’t say that the site is bad but I don’t think it’s good. It is something ordinary without any new ideas. If you believe in god you won’t visit such sites!
4.5 April 14, 2010
By Lora from USA
This dating service is cool – fresh and interesting. The main idea is faith but I can’t say that the site is obsessed only with the one subject. There are many users who have many interest and we can tell about them whenever we want. There are no limits in communication and meeting new people.
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4.5 4.5
5 December 05, 2010
By I love you all from Usa but am in Ghana now
I was living in Florida panama city,Was living over there with my sister and her husband in the same house about 8month now,I am an African i was born here in west African Ghana
4 March 22, 2011
By plb from missouri
looking for afriend for a person to have anice time with and share quite times together
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4.4 4.4
3 June 04, 2012
By DS from IN
I agree that the majority of the guys on BPM are not worth you're time. However, I did luck up and meet one guy that turned out to be attractive & honest. We dated for a year. We're still really good friends. So I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.
1 June 21, 2012
I sign up For "BlkPplMt 6month pick 2nights ago" not knowing to sign out afterward I CHECKED OUT SERVERAL PROFILES THAT I CAN'T RESPOND OR REPLY BACK TO! The nxt mrng "i couldn't lot n l; since i signed up" i email CSTMR SPPRT; NO RESPONSE YET; I HAVEN'T FOUND A PHONE NUMBER TO CALL AND GET SUPPORT!........ DO ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT?
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4.4 4.4
1 August 11, 2011
By hs from IL
Men with pot bellies, in leather vests on motorcycles say they want a beautiful, slim woman - hey guys look in the mirror before you past judgement. At this stage in our life we should be realistic and not still have the fantasies of 20 somethings. This site is a real disappointment. Oh yes, they all work out 4-5 times a week and eat healthy - what a joke. So many of the men don't post photo's then send messages asking for sex - dopes.
1 June 09, 2012
By CJ from South Carolina
Full of scammers!!! Save your money; if they're not scammers, they're a far cry from what they say they'll have better luck in the grocery store!
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4.4 4.4
5 December 30, 2009
By Noreen T. from Detroit
Hello, I am big and beautiful! I joined the site yesterday. It’s cool that I hadn’t to pass a long and boring registration. is really simple and convenient. I use it with pleasure.
4 December 30, 2009
By Noelle from Madison Heights, MI
I’ve not found my better half on bbpeoplemeet yet. But I like using this site. I spend a lot of time in live chat. So I’ve met many interesting people here and found some friends.
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4.4 4.4
11 Yahoo Personals
5 June 18, 2010
By Betty23 from UK
Yahoo seems to be the most interesting dating site. It's simple in using and has many navigated features. So I reccomend it to everybody!
4.4 January 06, 2010
By X. H. from Geisenfeld
Good day! Thank you for your cool web site. After having tried many dating services I know that yours ifs the best one. You are - a professional team!
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4.4 4.4
5 December 16, 2009
By Terry B. from CA, USA
This site is created for people who believe in God. I do believe and I like talking to the faithful. There I’ve written even some essays, I like expressing my thought about God. I know people on Christiancafe will always understand me and that’s wonderful.
4 December 16, 2009
By B. J. from MI, USA is the largest and the best one dating service I think. Visiting it you’ll feel the warm and pleasant ambience. It’s cool when you come back home after heard day, turn on your computer and go there. I use it for meeting new people. I’ve ha some dates but they were not extremely successful. But I don’t leave the site; I hope I’ll find somebody to fill my loneliness.
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4.3 4.3
5 December 18, 2009
By Todd K. from MN, USA
I have a great experience. This site helped me to meet my special someone. I think it’s very romantic to meet in the Internet. The first our date was so exciting! I’ll never forget it. Christanmingle has convenient features and well-done design. I’ve left it already. But I advise everyone to take chances there.
1 February 15, 2012
By DAR from Indiana
I just experienced the same trickery with the auto renewal feature. I never activated it! They never alerted me that they were going to renew my subscription. I am pissed. I wrote them, and if they do not refund my money, I will contact the attorney general, or find a consumer advocate group that deals with this kind of bullshit. I had to give them at least one star,.... but if I had a choice, I would give them -5 stars. I wished I would have read these negative reviews 3 months ago!
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4.3 4.3
4 April 01, 2010
By Kaemon from -
I like because it has clear and stylish design. There is no advertising, everything is simple but well-done. As far as I know this the one site for Latin singles. Thanks to its developers for the good idea!
5 April 03, 2010
By Tadelesh
I met my destiny at For me it was “amore a prima vista”. When I saw her photo for the first time I realized that we had to be together. I’m grateful to this site.
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4.3 4.3
5 March 15, 2010
By D. G. from Florida entered my life a year ago. There I met the best man in the whole world. We are going to marry soon. And I’m really grateful to the Dating Direct!
4 November 01, 2010
By dannysinyue from mauritius
i get a girl good girl will me
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4.1 4.1
5 June 18, 2010
By Margo from North Dakota
I am 57 and I've joined Senior FriendFinder. It's a good place for dating. The best thing is that ten men have already writeen me letters.
4 April 01, 2010
By Ella F. from Kalamunda WA
When I got to know about Senior Friend Finder I was really surprised. I’m happy that there is the site for my age category (58). I don’t think I’m old so I believe in online love
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4.1 4.1
3 December 28, 2009
By Kenneth from PENNSYLVANIA
I don’t like such kind of services. I don’t believe that someone can find love. But I know for sure that eHarmony is a good project with stylish design and not too expensive upgrading. My sister uses it so I would never do it.
4 December 27, 2009
By Abigail D. from Avenal, CA
I’ve started to use eHarmony recently. I love this site because of its simple design and good features. I’ve already met there several people I like. So I think I’ll find the only one for marriage next time! Have someone had a success experience using eHarmony? It’s pretty interesting for me to listen to some stories!
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4 4
4 March 19, 2010
By Big B from Detroit
I’m a Christian but I think using such services is a sin. It’s awful and committed Christians will share my opinion.
4 March 20, 2010
By Mary from Tennessee
I was a widow of 35 years old. I had no hopes to find someone when I knew about That time I registered and was so surprised. Many men wrote me and I started to realize that the life goes on. Singlec helped me to cope with depression.
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4 4
5 June 21, 2010
By D.J. from CO, USA
Fast Cupid is the best way of dating for me. I can easily meet new people, see new users who have just register, view profiles and create photo galleries. I think this site is one of the best among others.
3.5 April 03, 2010
By Lenny
Fast Cupid is the good site for beginners: the price is acceptable and features are easy-to-use. It seems like twitter but for singles. No doubt that the site is cool!
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4 4
5 July 11, 2011
By SB from Omaha
I met my husband on singlesnet in 2006. We have now been married 4 years and have a wonderful life and family together. Thank you, singlesnet. I couldn't be happier
5 November 28, 2009
By May from US, NY
Then a friend told me about and I decided to give it a try. I immediately noticed a completely different atmosphere that was much more comfortable and welcoming. I really like the chat feature and have read some very funny conversations in the forums.

The matching system is spot on and I have found more than one match that I felt a connection with and would make a good potential dating partner. In fact, I have already set up three dates with three guys the matching system found for me.
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3.9 3.9
3 October 21, 2011
By DD from Cincinnati
I have been a member of for about a month now. I haven't met that special one yet, but I have talked to some amazing people!
4.2 March 01, 2010
By James from Toronto
I became a member of in 2004 and I was really happy I joined it that time. I met many friends there and spent my free time talking with them. But then things changed and I left the site. I didn’t want to pay for such simple thing as e-mailing and chatting. But last year I got to know that became free again. And I joined it one more time. Many its features have changed but I like the site now. Buy the way, I met a pretty girl last week. So I’m happy now!
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3.9 3.9
5 December 25, 2010
By mf from dayton,ohio
5 December 20, 2009
By John N.D. from Chicago
I do like this site and do not either. Of course it’s a well-done project for Jewish but it’s a pity that I should obligatory tell everybody about my religion and other private things. I’m Jewish but I don’t visit synagogue and many people don’t want to talk to me (
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3.8 3.8
4 December 14, 2011
Easy flirt is a modern dating service, and I love that
4.5 March 23, 2010
By Sonny from Los Angeles, Calif
Easy Flirt helped to find the love of my love. She was from other country and we were just talking online during 2 years. Then we met…I think you understand what happened next…
Now we are married and really happy together.
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3.8 3.8
5 April 01, 2010
By James from Wisconsin
I met attractive Christian woman. Now we often spend time together and talk about G-d. Our relations don’t seem like love affair, it’s something more spiritual and I like it.
4 April 02, 2010
By Chuck from Nebraska
I’m a Christian man and like this site. I’m not looking for love there but I like talking to different people of my faith. Moreover, I often visit some events made by
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3.8 3.8
5 June 21, 2010
By Monika from US wasn't my first experience in online dating. But it was certainly the best one. I registered there in 2009 and was using the service for 7 months. One day when I entered my profile I saw a letter from one of the site users. He wrote something like "You are beautiful and I wanna meet you so much". I was a bit afraid for the first time but I agreed. We met next day and are still together:)
3 February 25, 2011
By Mr. Jimmy from Newport Beach
Its quite good
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3.8 3.8
1 June 23, 2012
By PAG from England
I believe most the the reviews here are fake. AdultFriendFinder is a SCAM and a CON and FAKE. As soon as you register you will start getting horrible SPAM along the lines of "Lonely Horny Slut Wives" etc etc. Just awful. AVOID THIS WEBSITE LIKE THE PLAGUE
5 March 27, 2010
By Jenny from New York
I hate when men upload those photos of their penises. When I joined I saw one man who didn’t do it. He just showed other his smiling face and it was so charming. We met and had great sex. Now we are married
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3.6 3.6
3 June 18, 2010
By Michael Corner from CO, US
I’ve found here nothing but young girls and boys who are looking for entertainment. This site is not for me though the design and other features are not bad.

3 April 02, 2010
By Marcus from Texas, Austin
I like but I think it’s too expensive. I can’t waste money in such a stupid way.
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3.6 3.6
5 December 14, 2009
By T.H. from CT, USA
Hi I want to tell my own happy story. I registered on Blacksingles a year ago. I didn’t believe that someone could possibly find the perfect match here in the Internet. But two weeks later a handsome stranger wrote to me. We’d been talking for a month in the Internet. And then we met each other in a café. And do you know what? We married two days ago. And now I recommend this site to everybody who wants to face his real love!
1 September 17, 2013
By TP from Charlotte
This site is not worth the money. Ladies, please do not waste your time or money on this site. Most of the men are married,in relationships, playing games, too old, too many children, out of shape or looking for a quick hook-up.There are hundreds of members with no photos and they have full access to your profile and photos, while they hide behind a mask! It is very unappealing and doesn't make you feel very safe. BEWARE!
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3.4 3.4
5 March 22, 2012
By jn from Australia
Meet a man in 3 days. We have still not met yet. I am hoping he is the one. Its now been 7 weeks now.
He lives in London. Fingers crossed
4 March 11, 2011
By Gary M from WI
I have been on and off of for the past 4 years. I have met some great people and have had good relationships. Sure there are some players (yes, females can be players) but you just have to sift through the trash to find the gems. It is worth your time.
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3.2 3.2
4 January 01, 2010
By Mr. T from Phoenix, AZ
My favorite feature of is its chat rooms. I like that site allow choosing who to speak to according people’s interests. If you have some special hobby or fetish you can ask for creating your own chat room where you can meet users one-on-one. That’s great!
3 June 18, 2010
By Tony L. from IL, US
I started using the site about a year ago. I did my best to find someone but it I couldn’t. Many profiles that I liked didn’t ask me. And when I decided to leave the site, I met my very one. Now we are happy together!
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3.2 3.2
4 August 01, 2010
By MD from Toronto, Canada
I got two relationships from Lava Life, which is more than and Eharmony. I have gotten no relationship from I got one relationship from Eharmony. I prefer Lava Life over and Eharmony because most of the women on those sites are gold diggers. A feature that I like from Lava Life is that nonpaying members can reply to emails from paying members.
2 January 09, 2010
By Madison from US
Lava Life has a bit more offers for its users than other services. I like its interface and advanced features. So I hope to find someone right there!
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3.2 3.2
4 April 09, 2010
By Michelle
Wow! I like such events and I going to take part. I’ll write then…
1 August 03, 2010
By ad from chicago
WHAT A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They take your money a month in advance, wait to cancel until the 11th hour (day before) and then tell you there are no refunds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a genius way to make money.

BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you sign up for an event you can very likely just be donating money to their cause! I can't imagine how they expect repeat business with this policy - Me and my friend are removing ourselves from this mail list and will NEVER do business with them again. DISHONEST SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 3
4 July 11, 2014
By Jack from NY
Thanks to this site I met my gorgeus brunette - latino girl! She is positive, romantic and stunningly beautiful.
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3 3
4 March 30, 2010
By Mike from New York is what I really like. I prefer video chats where you should pay to see something more that just shoulders…
1 December 18, 2011
By kb from Texas
This site has seemed to sink to a new low.
It created an account, linked to my email address and begun spamming for me acting as if I was the one who created the account.
Until today I had never heard of nor visited the site.
The age and zip code did not match me, 0 information entered, and yet I still receive messages.
The site does not have a "delete account" setting.

Be warned:
This site is now willing to engage in illegal activity to just get you to visit.
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2.9 2.9
4 March 10, 2012
By Indira from Illinois
It is a good site. Few members but it is all about quality. Interesting people... I have been contacted by wealthy guys unfortunately they are much older. I have found serious people.
4 March 03, 2012
By Don from New York
Thanks for the great site as I found my match on the site.
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2.9 2.9
1 February 28, 2012
By LI from New York
Idealy I'd like to rate this less than 1. This site is bogus and a complte waste of time and MONEY. ALL the profiles are old ones, where the members haven't been on for more than a month.

Do not waste your time.
1 February 26, 2011
I did not sign up for this site. how do you manage to bill my credit card for it. CANCEL IT!!!
I will be forced to seek legal action if you don't.
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2.9 2.9
1 April 01, 2010
By Jenny from Loves Park , Illinois
After I’d tried I realized that free membership was useless. The only sense for them is getting as much money as possible. So I don’t want to pay for dating. It’s stupid.
4 April 02, 2010
By Lisa from New York
I’ve met a cool guy at He is sexy and always knows what I want. I think our relations will soon become something more than just an intimate affair.
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2.7 2.7
4 January 16, 2010
By Laura from Oklahoma City
Thanks to all of you! I love!
2 January 18, 2010
By Mary from Atlanta
My story is really funny when I joined the site, the next week I met a guy and wrote him. But his answer was awfully rude…but…in a week we started our dating lol
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2.4 2.4
2 January 18, 2010
By Llysha from USA
I just met my fiancé at this wonderful site!!!!!!!!! The site is very good, I advise it everyone!!!!
2 January 20, 2010
By L'Tanga from Jacksonville, Fla.
An interesting man wrote me two days ago. I really like him! Will see what’ll happen next…
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2.4 2.4
3.5 April 07, 2010
By Akashi from USA
Asian Singles Connection is the very place for communication. I’ve found many friends there and I like talking to the. I’ve got to know a lot about different countries because many Asians live in the remote corners of the world.
1 April 04, 2010
By Dainagon from USA is not as good as other dating sites. Of course, it offers standard features that are not bad, but I think its interface is poor. I’ve been there for three months. Now I don’t use it at all.
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2.4 2.4
4 January 20, 2012
By ch from San Antonio
At least in San Antonio many of the women on this site are un-dateable (Overweight, unkept, unemployed, etc.) I'm not that picky on meeting new people and I went through 100 profiles using the "Lets Meet" function...I only clicked Yes 4x and Maybe 3x. The other 93 were solid No's. Can't penalize the site though.
1 July 15, 2012
By Well from USA
Ive been on this site for months theres no one looking for anything committed at all, the only benefit is that its free.. but the guys on there suck atleast the guys from the Massachusetts area. All they look for is for sex hence the word hook up but its also a dating site. what happened to the dating part ?
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2.3 2.3
1 March 13, 2012
By D.H. from CARRICK
2 May 24, 2012
By JE from Montreal
Reasons why online dating is a challenge: (male perspective)

(1)Extreme competition: You'd be hard pressed to find another dating environment where you're pitted against mobs of men vying for the attention of one woman.

(2)Overinflated ego: Women have to sift through countless emails, both from viable men and less than ideal matches. This creates unrealistic expectations. Online gives a false sense of importance.
It can also lead to bitterness if the woman is inundated with rude or obnoxious emails.

(3)Liars: let's face it. People lie online all the time. Firstly to protect their identity, which is fine. Yet also to embellish their so called value to others. These partial truths could be unimportant, or very important such as age or weight. It may not be important to some people, but it's important to others. Such is life. You're dating partner is going to find out anyway if you meet, so why bother hiding the obvious. No need to waste each others time.

(4)Serial daters/psychological issues/bums/online chataholics: I'm sure you can come up with many more examples, as this seems to comprise a large category of "there's no way I'd ever date that person".

-Not to say it's impossible as I've had success in the past. Yet it's challenging to say the least and the time investment can be considerable. I gave up on it quite awhile ago, as it's just not a healthy dating environment in my opinion.
If it's working for you, great. If not, put your time elsewhere or at the very least, minimize your online time.
-I'm sure from a woman's perspective, she can relate to some of the points I've mentioned, so by no means is this experience exclusive to men. Your mileage may vary. Have fun :)
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2.2 2.2
4 January 14, 2010
By Grace L from Montana
I still can’t find the one for marriage, but I’ve met many new people there! I like to talk in chats and think it’s the best dating site!
1 August 08, 2011
By rcp from ri, usa
The site was good a year or two ago. Now it is full of pretentious members who have been on there for ever. Gee I wonder why? If you criticize any of the nonsense in the forums you get a polite warning from Brian (one of the owners) putting you on probation. If you profess or discuss anything that the "moderators" (insert owners) disagree with they harass you and make the entire experience pointless and dispiriting. It was entirely reminiscent of high school nonsense with emails from members chastising your beliefs. Eventually if you do not acquese they cancel your membership. Its really childish and ridiculous. They even go so far as to cloak demeaning comments which are engineered to attack your opinions with false platitudes like "I will pray for you" if you happen to disagree with them. There are really no women on there truly looking for relationships. They get caught up on calling people sinner and fornicators if they kiss on first date. Nonsense like that . Just keep away. You and God know your conscious. You do not need a site of moderators to tell you how Catholic you are :-)
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2.1 2.1
3 April 08, 2013
By E from south africa
3 star
1 July 15, 2011
By D from Bangalore
This is one fraud just like any other dating site. Money is simply wasted. Not to mention the unnecessary anxiety in checking for updates everyday. Worst part is their payment options. We get lured in trying for a month but the site automatically takes payment for 6 months!! It doesn't even show how much money is being debited from the credit card.
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2.1 2.1
3 January 25, 2010
By Ella F. from Vermont
I’ve been using JRomance for half a year. It’s a perfect site. I like sharing my photos with other members. Moreover, we often talk about Jewish religion. All members have similar interests and values and that’s great.
2 January 26, 2010
By Tyler E from Utah
I am not Jewish but I use this site. I like Jewish culture and it’s really interesting for me to talk with many people, to flirt and wink the guys I like. It was a beautiful idea to create J Romance!
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2 2
5 January 24, 2010
By Rodriguez from AL
I really-really love It’s my second home but virtual one! Thanks!
1 August 07, 2012
By jv from Mpls, MN
All the men who contacted me on Spark eventually asked for money...stuck overseas, mugged, etc...I've tried a few other sites, Spark is the only one where I've had this problem...don't bother, I'm not sure there are any real men on the site (Oh, and Tony McRoy contacted me he is still there)
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1.8 1.8
2 September 03, 2011
By gk from Toronto
Was about to go for the one year $29.99 but they added a $24.99 activation fee ( what kind on bs is that?). Then got email from them waving the activation fee if I subscribe within 24 hours .. Then another email saying I now have only 4 hours left. What next? I read it's impossible to stop the renewed billing. 'sd' from Calif ... have u had any positive encounters?
1 June 18, 2011
By cr from utah
This is not a good dating site for women. There are very few quality men. Most are only interested in email, phone and text sexting. Most of the men are not successful, not articulate, and uneducated. If that is what you are looking for, then this may be for you, otherwise, keep looking.
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1.5 1.5
48 Anastasia Date
1 July 11, 2012
By JSM from United States
Let me say, after carefully researching this site and others, this site rates very high on the scam meter.

Your surest sign of dealing with a scam site is when virtually all of the girls look stunningly attractive, with shiny professional pictures that put them in sexy poses.
Look for 100% free dating sites. The girls won't be as glossy and photogenic, but they have the distinct advantage of being REAL GIRLS. Plus there is no restrictions on communication, so you can share phone numbers, skype contact info, etc.
There are some paid sites worth your time, but look carefully at the women there. Do they all look like supermodels?
2 November 22, 2014
By wh from california
My best advice if you meet a woman on anastasia, don't send money, hire a k-1 visa agency immediatly, and have her contact your prospective fiance immediatly. You'll know how serious you fiancee is when she has to start giving out personal information and going to clinic for physicals. I spent 18 months courting one women from Ukraine. Visited Ukraine 3 times,if she is willing to marry you after first visit, you have to take it for what its worth, but tell her to cooperate with your liason from the k-1 visa agency. For 1 year, my fiancee gave me difficult time in gathering information, played dumb about process, acted like she couldn't use a computer and didn't understand the internet very well. But asked for money on several occasions, asking for support for her health and families well being, I fell for it. After 18 months and about 10k into relation, I was a month away from finalizing k-1 when she told me she couldn't marry without "love." So, 1. meet in ukraine, share intentions and get confirmation.2. hire k-1 marriage agency, have fiancee communicate all with agent from office. if agent tells you all is going well, you might get fiance to America, true goal. 3. try to send the least amount of money to her as possible, and REMEMBER SHE WAS GETTING ALONG JUST FINE BEFORE YOU ENTERED HER LIFE, LET HER CONTINUE DOING SO.
You'll soon find out how serious she is through your k-1 agent.
Oh by the way, my girl is still on the site and her name is Maria Ratusheva age 29, Kiev. Scammmmmer!
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1.4 1.4
1 April 06, 2012
By BH from NZ
No star 4 Within minutes of starting the registration, I received a msg indicating I should check out their profile. I thought I haven't not put any info up there, how could someone in their right mind suggest we were compatible? And wait, I got many other profiles and trying to access them led me straight to a page to sign up as a premium member. I couldn't get rid of the page. I realised they were, yes you're right, SCAMMERS. Be careful!
1 January 21, 2012
By C G from NZ
has anyone been given a cellphone number 613900*****
it is meant to be in Tasmania but it rings and rings and noone answers and I think it is part of a group forming emails to innocent people like me
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