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Christian Dating

Are you a Christian who loves your religion most of all? That’s really great. We are human beings with our own personal emotions and feelings. We all want to be happy next to the ones we love. A strong and safe family is an integral part of Christian religions. But building relationships in modern society is not an easy thing. Many people have become unprincipled, they don’t respect national traditions; they refuse religion and ignore God. If you are not that kind of person, if you want to make your life happy and find the perfect match for marriage, then visit the Christian dating sites. They offer users the chance to meet each other online, to talk about God, to pray together and share knowledge and interests.  There are many Christian dating services offering Christian dating free but, to choose the one you need, read our dating comparison. We’ll tell you about every Christian dating site, about possibilities you’ll have with Christian online dating. Don’t waste your time, hurry and make the right choice.

Christian dating is an interesting thing for every person. Christian dating sites offer exciting Christian dating free. If you are eager to find Christian singles to date, then visit Christian dating services and read our Christian dating reviews!

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Catholic Mingle is a dating service for Catholic singles. It is a great place for every one to meet different people, talk about God, share interests, and make Christian singles dating. The atmosphere is friendly and warm there. Catholic men and women find their love every day at Catholic Mingle. They marry and give birth to their children with this Christian dating site. Thus the site has great number of success stories. Join christian dating services and enjoy Christian dating free!
4.5 April 14, 2010
By Lora from USA
This dating service is cool – fresh and interesting. The main idea is faith but I can’t say that the site is obsessed only with the one subject. There are many users who have many interest and we can tell about them whenever we want. There are no limits in communication and meeting new people.
4 April 13, 2010
By John N.E. from USA
I joined the site after I’d read some success stories. And I was right. Now I use it with pleasure. This service has many interesting and advanced features.
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4.5 4.5
2 is a very convenient and relaxing place. It is Christian dating site where Christian singles can meet, find friend, make Christian dating or just communicate. Here you can share your emotions and thoughts with other users, talk online and enjoy Christian dating free. It is a great possibility for everyone to find the person for long and happy relationships. join Christian online dating with!
5 December 16, 2009
By Terry B. from CA, USA
This site is created for people who believe in God. I do believe and I like talking to the faithful. There I’ve written even some essays, I like expressing my thought about God. I know people on Christiancafe will always understand me and that’s wonderful.
4 December 16, 2009
By B. J. from MI, USA is the largest and the best one dating service I think. Visiting it you’ll feel the warm and pleasant ambience. It’s cool when you come back home after heard day, turn on your computer and go there. I use it for meeting new people. I’ve ha some dates but they were not extremely successful. But I don’t leave the site; I hope I’ll find somebody to fill my loneliness.
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4.3 4.3
There are so many dating sites in the Internet now, and making something original is a pretty difficult thing. But there is one service done in an outstanding way. is a site created for Christian singles who want to find new friends and real love. As Christian dating sites become more and more popular, hundreds of new users join Christianmingle every day. Christian online dating is the best way to spend free time. Join Christian dating free!
3 December 10, 2014
By hb from florida
autopayments need to be disabled!

CM is not easy to perform a refund when the automatic payment goes through!

Make sure to disable it!

Christian Café is so much better IMHO
1 July 20, 2013
By ABC from Timbuktu
What disturbs me is that so many people seem to think God Almighty needs ANYONE'S help, much less the help of some Internet website, to bring people together with their mates.
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4.3 4.3
4 is a singles Christian dating site. It’s a genuine and friendly place where Christian singles of any age and nationality can meet, talk and arrange dates. This site offers Christian online dating. It is one of the largest services among other Christian dating sites. This Christian Network is considered to be the oldest and the most popular Christian dating site. Join Christian dating free with!
5 December 24, 2010
By rlm from lafayette-in.
rating 5
4 March 23, 2010
By Chuck from Los Angeles, CA
Hi! My name’s Chuck and I’ve been using singlec for a year already. It’s not a sin to talk to other people and to find someone who will share all your values. Internet helps people even to pray and it’s cool!
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4 4
5 belongs to the group of Christian dating sites. It is a dating service for Christian singles from the around the world. This site offers people of different nationalities the chance to come together and start Christian online dating. They can talk about their faith, find each other online and take part in virtual and real life Christian dating for free. There are nearly 410,000 active members, among them there is certainly the one for you.
4 April 02, 2010
By Chuck from Nebraska
I’m a Christian man and like this site. I’m not looking for love there but I like talking to different people of my faith. Moreover, I often visit some events made by
5 April 01, 2010
By James from Wisconsin
I met attractive Christian woman. Now we often spend time together and talk about G-d. Our relations don’t seem like love affair, it’s something more spiritual and I like it.
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3.8 3.8
Catholic Match is one of the online Christian dating services offering people the chance to communicate, share interests and take part in Christian dating for free. This site is a unique community where all users believe in God. They are catholic and believe in the teachings of The Bible, so gives all Christian singles a chance to find new friends who have the same faith, values and lifestyle. Start Catholic online dating today!
1 May 28, 2013
By ja from San Diego
Toxic. Stay out of the forums. The only thing they're good for is to reveal just how nasty people can be.

When I was on a different site I had more men interested in me in one month than the 2 years I was on CM.

I was in my early 50's & even the men my age were looking for younger, child-bearing aged women.

They are very political, very right-wing. I consider myself a conservative, but according to them I'm a libtard for disagreeing with all the bishop-bashing that goes on.

The call themselves faithful to the Church yet allow their premier (been there the longest) to say the most awful things about our bishops if they happen to disagree with their far right politics I.e. immigration, torture, just war & death penalty.

It was an education I could've done without. They did me a huge favor by kicking me out when they did.
1 August 24, 2011
By LS from USA
A terrible dating site because of administration. The owner is rude to paying customers in the forums, they will ban long term members without good reason. Forums are filled with hateful people. Don't bother joining. Look elsewhere.
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2.1 2.1
7 helps you with Christian dating. Find your true love today. Christians members can chat with each other. Join for free in the prayer and bible forums, you can post a prayer that you like, or discuss scriptures. ChristianSingles has a lot of christian singles and it was created spesial for you so come on in! and you will find a date! Be one of Christian singles. If you're looking to meet Christian singles online, ChristianSingles can definitely help you out. ChristianSingles has personal profiles, dating information , ads, advice, chat and more and more. You can find someone who are also looking to meet new friends and build lasting and meaningful relationships. Speak with people who share their faith like you do. Single Christian Network - a warm caring place for single Christians. Most of Christian singles have found good new single friends, romance and even marriage! It is easy to join to them. Come on in! Here you will meet and mingle with nice single Christians. Are you sure that you successful in dating? Join, and the next successful relationship could be yours!
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