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There are so many dating sites in the Internet now, and making something original is a pretty difficult thing. But there is one service done in an outstanding way. is a site created for Christian singles who want to find new friends and real love. As Christian dating sites become more and more popular, hundreds of new users join Christianmingle every day. Christian online dating is the best way to spend free time. Join Christian dating free!

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3 December 10, 2014
By hb from florida
autopayments need to be disabled!

CM is not easy to perform a refund when the automatic payment goes through!

Make sure to disable it!

Christian Café is so much better IMHO
1 July 20, 2013
By ABC from Timbuktu
What disturbs me is that so many people seem to think God Almighty needs ANYONE'S help, much less the help of some Internet website, to bring people together with their mates.
3 April 12, 2013
By dl from toronto
I have been on CM for about 3 months or so before I actually pd for a membership because I really didn't see the point - the people looking at my profile looked rather shady to say the least or they were from the U.S. - i joined after getting emailed from finally a rather decent looking man who had a terrific smile - after just one email though I realized that this man (who apparently is self-employed and owns his own company) had BA etc... was a scam - his responses seemed to be coming from a 15 yr old not a 43 yr old business man - Geez really? TIP for the guys - when sending in a pic - SMILE most look like they are nasty and mean and who wants to date someone who doesn't even smile for their pic? I am on now for 6 months or so hopefully with some faith I will be provided with a good match
1 October 05, 2012
By JP from indiana
charges appearing on my bank account that I never authorized!
1 September 17, 2012
By TJ from Roseau, Dominica
On september 13th 2012 I changed my christian mingle membersip from free membership to a paid membership. An hour after I upgraded to paid membership I was locked out of the site. I tried manay times to reset my password with a reset password link they send me but it never worked. I sent everal emails asking them to look into the matter and got no response.

On September 16th 2012, giving them the benefit of a doubt I did another profile. I immediately upgraded to a paid membershyip. 30 minutes after I upgraded I was automatically signed out of my account. When I tried to sign in again I coud not. My password would not work.

When I did the first profile I did not have the time to change the settings so that my card would not be billed automatically. So as far as I know christian mingle will be charging me a fee of $29.99 every month for an account I cannot access.

Luckily I had changed the second one as soon as I upgraded.

Christian Mingle is a SCAM! Please beware!

1 September 12, 2012
By RRW from Texas
I was a member of this site and watched to grow from an extremely buggy mess to and somewhat stable mess. I met numerous people while utilizing the site; but, it wasn't worth the hassle of having to sort through sex crazed psychos and scammers. On top of this; I routinely reported bugs with the site to the admin; which were always ignored.

I continued using it regardless; mostly using the chatrooms which were reknown for the constant fights that took place on there. You thought you could come on this site and have a nice civil conversation about your faith? Ha, think again, be prepared to be condemned by a frenzy of bitter people. This only happened to me personally once; but, I watched it happen to other people every time I logged on.

Numerous times trolls(people who to the site with the intent to tick people off) would come to the chat rooms and harrass everyone each night. Everyone would report these people each time they would log in; the response from admin? "We've given them a warning". Ok? Weeks go by and the harrassment continues unabated, more reporting from users and nothing done by the admin (aka Cara). I took it upon myself to personally email her on several occasions just to see why she wasn't banning these people who were blatantly breaking the terms of use. Of course I got a rather apathetic response each time.

Now the final blow. I was in chat one night with numerous other users who I have known for a long time. We were making fun of the heavily flawed censor that the chatroom had. It often filtered out casual words and would let other curse words slip right through. So we decided to see what words we could get away with using. Everyone started spouting out random curse words. I landed two that actually weren't filtered. Everyone was laughing in the chat room at how ridiculous it all was.

So, I go away form the computer for a little bit and when I come back I notice I was logged out. I tried to sign back in unsuccessfully. So I sent a message to the admin to see what was going on? Cara emails me about a day later stating that she banned me for cursing in the chat room. I was shocked, surely she couldn't be serious? She didn't even give me a warning, nothing, just banned me in an instant. I came to the conclusion that Cara had it in for me personally and was hovering over the ban button.

I decided to test out my theory by creating a new account, with a different name and IP address. The only thing that was the same was my primary photo. I did all this about a month later, there is absolutely no way they should have remembered me. Everything went smooth for about 2 days, I didn't actually do anything on the site, I just left my profile sitting there as bait. I notice eventually that I can't log into the site again. I though, oh boy, here we go again! lol. I email the admin asking why I couldn't log in. Cara, again, sends me a response, saying that she banned me for cursing in the chat room? Oh really? The only way she could have known who I was is by having a clear memory of what I looked like, she would have had to have had to study my photo! Nothing else about my account was even remotely the same.

It was finally clear to me at that point that she got personal with her job as a moderator and banned me as a result of petty differences.

You can say that it was all my fault for cursing in chat; but, I knew people who use to curse in chat deliberately almost every day trying to get banned, all the admin ever did was warn them, nothing more. So, you can clearly see why I found bias in the way my situation was handled.

Does this sound like a Christian Site too you or just a cleverly disguised tool, to exploit others for money?
3 August 18, 2012
By cm from pr
So far, I'm having fun. I just think is important, as in any website, to be cautious and smart. You can not go around giving your address and definitively not sending money to nobody, specially if you just met them in the inernet. I think they should offer free trials thou, as they do in other date sites.
3 August 09, 2012
By A. V. from USA
Christian Mingle does not feature / support interracial couples / marriage- which is not Christian like, and does not broad cast upfront before trying to get your money that their site does not work with certain browsers, especially entenet explorer
1 July 15, 2012
By ng from Annapolis Maryland
Actually they deserve a Minus rating.

Christianmingle leads you to believe the site is free. After you have joined you realize there is a fee to email and communicate. I believe I was set up with a "smile" from one of the men I checked out to get me to actually pay the fee to join. I should have read complaints about Christianmingle first. I would have crossed that one off and and run like hell.

Before you join READ COMPLAINTS first. You leave yourself open to many problem including your credit card account. I have cancelled my credit card to avoid another charge without authorization and will cancel my membership. I have wasted money here but learned to check out an organization first before paying a fee.

There seems to be a lot of foreigners scamming very vulnerable people on this site. Don't know about other sites but this is sad a alarming. Probably unavoidable but the site should post warnings for what to avoid.

If someone asks for money, wants a long distance relationship or wants your email write them off.

If this is how Christians do business this is not the place for me. I will take my chances on a FREE site like Plenty of Fish and never look back on this scary sad mess.
1 July 10, 2012
By MC from Eagan MN
I have been trying to cancel my christian mingle account... they keep taking money out of my bank account even though I've asked to be removed from the site, and asked that they stop taking monies!
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