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Are You Interested is a dating system that works…

This site works with Facebook and mobile/cell phone platforms such as the iPhone. You can link your Facebook account and receive matches direct to Facebook or receive matches “on the go”, directly on your mobile device. You are in complete control of your dating experience on this site!

There is a main profile page that you will have to fill out in order for “Are You Interested” to work correctly on Facebook. The people who it sends your profile too are considered to be a high probability for a possible match. This Facebook app takes your profile information and pairs it up with people who use Facebook.

AreYouInterested dating

Are You Interested Features Include:

  • Profile updating and customization to cater to accurate profile matching
  • The ability to share your favorite songs, movies, and celebrities
  • Fun questionnaire games to get you thinking about things that you wouldn’t normally tell people about yourself
  • The ability to send winks, tweets and special virtual gifts
  • Coins can be purchased to enhance your experience with this dating application

As you can see the creators at Snap interactive have put together a fun little app to help those people who are in the dating world. There are plenty of ideas for dates and first visits with potential people that you match up with.

AreYouInterested dating

For anyone who is actively involved in the dating site, nothing is better than a little bit of help from your friends. is an integrated online dating experience for singles where you can connect to other singles through Facebook and linking your Are You Interested Facebook & iPhone applications.

AreYouInterested dating

Lets face it, most people worry more about who their friends think they should be with rather than their own feelings or concerns. This app makes that aspect of dating much easier because your friends can help pick matches for you and even approve or disapprove people that you are thinking about meeting.  With this system in place, you are bound to find some very interesting people who match your profile and you might even find the perfect match.  Although there have been some minor technical issues, this app has received 2 and half stars out of five and is still increasingly popular.

AreYouInterested dating is a fun and unique online dating site for single men and women with over 13 million members across our online dating website.

Find singles and view photos on our iPhone application or Facebook application. Whether you’re seeking Christian singles, Catholic singles, Jewish singles, UK singles, or Asian singles, is the site for you. Registration is 100% Free. 

AreYouInterested dating

Singles can have one overall experience on Are You Interested across the various platforms and integrate their Facebook friends.

  • Browse photos of singles in your area & click ‘Yes’ on people you like.
  • View and contact your ‘Matches’ and find out who likes you!
  • Check out the ‘Buzz’ and find out what other singles are up to right now!
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Latest Users Reviews

1 December 21, 2015
By BJ from Ma
I think this site sucks.. I think it lets people lie about who they are. and it really doesn't match people correctly its only on face value
3 April 08, 2013
By E from south africa
3 star
1 September 10, 2012
By anon from anonymous

Firstly, This app appeared on my Facebook from nowehere... I hadn't created/requested it and when I looked at it information from my facebook had been uploaded to this app?? including my photo!!! I was well pissed off, my boyfriend isn't pleased in the slightest....

when a search is made I even appear in the top five!! - What?

I've never heard of 'are you interested' till a few days ago, I eventually got rid of it via facebook but bizarrely I still appear on the Website! HELP!!! i cant deregister myself when I haven't got a clue! it wont accept an email log in as it does not recognise one - Obviously.

I need a response ASAP otherwise you 'are you interested' together with 'Facebook' will in COURT! - Now you need to give some prompt answers and get me off your System - DO NOT HESITATE, I'LL BE SPEAKING WITH LAWYERS..... & yes this is a legal case

Vivien Chishimba
1 June 09, 2012
By SJ from Norway
Totally rubbish. Stay away
1 June 08, 2012
By TL from Kansas city
Major freak show, the men seem to be living in a relatives basement frothing to find a beautiful women with a job. Show be named

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