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1 July 26, 2013
By SR from OH
All I can say is its scary the number of anxious and desperate men wanting sex and begging for sex no matter what you say on your profile they ignore that and you can't filter them because they won't use the intimate encounters label so they get through to the serious people and chase you off the line. Others I refer to as damaged goods or the walking wounded. I tried but they are so used to the nonsense that they don't take the sincere people serious and I have heard some of the most vulgar things ever and I'm in my late 30's and I threw up in my mouth, They are asking about incest and eating fecal matter. I couldn't believe it.
1 September 03, 2012
By ds from toronto
absolutely useless-I can't believe how many "bottom feeders" I meton Lavalife-I met one woman who regaled me with a story of how she was molested by her uncle at 8 years of age/I met another one who sold ballroom dance music to player piano companies!/I met a teacher who brought report cards on the date to mark (as she put it at least if the date didn't work she could get some work done)-most of these women were disgustingly unattractive and even the half decent looking ones were divorced/single mothers with U-Haul trailers full of emotional baggage---I would rather be alone!!!
4 February 15, 2011
By JT from NYC
like in any dating scene there are just a lot of losers ...i found a few from this line. but then i meat some one worth wild we have been together 4 years married 3 this April and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter! all tho life hasent been a fairy tale (reality calls for life to not be perfect but we have each other )i couldnt be happier so dont give up! phone chats should never be your only option if you can weed out the good from the bad theres a chance you will find some one great! thank you LavaLife for giving the chance to bring together two people who ordinarily may have never met ...but did and couldn't be happier! :-) JT & AT
4 August 01, 2010
By MD from Toronto, Canada
I got two relationships from Lava Life, which is more than and Eharmony. I have gotten no relationship from I got one relationship from Eharmony. I prefer Lava Life over and Eharmony because most of the women on those sites are gold diggers. A feature that I like from Lava Life is that nonpaying members can reply to emails from paying members.
3 June 21, 2010
By Dorothy from Iowa
Unfortunatly, I've not found my match at LavaLife. The site is quite good but there are too many scammers there.
4 June 18, 2010
By Viktoria from Washington
Lavalife is a new and fresh stream among other dating services. I like talking in chats and make virtual dates. But i've not found my love there. I hope I'll do
5 March 17, 2010
By LF from Texas
I met the love of my life on Lava July 2007 we just celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary on March 14, 2004.
3 January 11, 2010
By Kaylee J from Ohio
I do love the site. I’m 25 and working a lot. I don’t have free time to meet someone or to have dating. So I decided to join Lava Life. I’m absolutely satisfied with everything. I communicate a lot, flirt with other members and even have some admirers…)
2 January 11, 2010
By Savannah Y from Texas, Austin
I joined the site a year ago but still I have no results, all men are just looking for fun. I can hardly find someone serious there
4 January 10, 2010
By Ashley from Mukilteo, WA
Thank all site creators. I really like the interface and all features. It’s very convenient that I don’t have to pay for month. I like chatting with other people and make online dating. Though I’ve had no real life dating but I hope I’ll meet my life there!
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