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The review will help you to understand all the major details about Adult Matchmaker and is the best way to learn about Personal Matchmaker and then join in! is a great dating site for long-term relationships so, if you are single and looking for someone special, join Personal Matchmaker today. You will be surprised with Matchmaker’s high-tech features. It’s really easy to use Adult Matchmaker and when you register you can manage your own page immediately. Create the profile you want, download pictures and find the ideal person at Personal Matchmaker!

Meet singles online with Adult Matchmaker!

Adult Matchmaker was created in 1986. Can you imagine Personal Matchmaker to be the oldest online dating service? That’s because Matchmaker used a pre-internet connection called dial-up and in 2000 Personal Matchmaker was run be Lycos and in 2006 was bought by Since that time each user tries to leave their own review.

Now Adult Matchmaker is a modern service allowing users to find their love online and to describe their personal experiences by writing their own review.

To enter Personal Matchmaker you should register online and answer some simple Matchmaker questions. There are three steps to complete before using the site and writing your review.

First indicate your sexual orientation, the place where you live, your birthday, e-mail then create your username and password at Adult Matchmaker.

Matchmaker registration

The second step is answering a groups of questions at Personal Matchmaker about:

  • “Where do you live?”
  • “What kind of relationship are you looking for?”
  • “What makes you unique?”

Matchmaker questionnaires include some questions which you do not have to answer. These questions are about religion or your personal income. You should realize that the information you’ll give to Adult Matchmaker depends only on you and what you want to include in your profile. The more you will include about yourself, the more Matchmaker users will show an interest in you. You have to agree, that makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

Matchmaker joining hearts!

The third step is downloading your photo at Personal Matchmaker and I think, it is one of the most obvious thing to do when registering at Personal Matchmaker!

When the registration is completed you see your profile at Adult Matchmaker. The homepage allows you to see your received and sent messages, your photo. There you can see how many members have joined Matchmaker this week, and which new Matchmaker members are near you, also who uses IM at Personal Matchmaker. One of the most convenient features of Adult Matchmaker is the possibility to see profiles who’ve viewed you.

Create your profile with review


In our review we’ll show you the main features of Personal Matchmaker. So you can:

  • see the users who are online
  • use a basic search to find people matching your requirements
  • add user’s to favorites
  • enter the chat rooms
  • get advice from the site’s administration team
  • edit and upgrade your profile.

If you want to have access to more functions by upgrading you should mail your payment to Matchmaker Subscription Dept.

Avalanche, LLC.
1521 Alton Road #626
Miami Beach, FL. U.S.A.


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First select the level and term of the upgrade, be it for three months, six months or twelve months, so you can see that the longer you are going to use Adult Matchmaker the cheaper it will cost.

Matchmaker is a great opportunity for everyone to find real love, and maybe even to create a family with happy relationships - Matchmaker joining hearts!

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Latest Users Reviews

5 March 02, 2012
By JF from California
Reviews look favorable. Joined the one year- $119.00/year - in error. When I realized mistake cancalled subscription Matchmaker cancalled purchase right away. Really wanted only a 6 months membership to get started Requested cancellation which was done. Hope MM is legitimate and trustworthy. - had an experience with one that was not - BIG SCAM!!!
1 June 15, 2011
By PR from Houston, Texas
I get all sorts of messages from strange individuals, cities, and countries. Somehow (note this) these people got my email address and started emailing/messaging me. That along would make me think the owners of the site aren't keeping information confidential.
1 July 26, 2010
By KJ from San Jose
Recieved more "spam" interest notifications than ligitimate ones. Allot came from "Acampo" CA.
Was supposedly marked as a "favorite" by other members but found out that the member(s)never actually marked me as a favorite, so it seemed like it was "system" generated to increase activity so far as I can tell. If you use the "pay-for" service they will automatically keep charging your credit card unless you remember to cancel your account. Tried to canel 2 days after they charged for a 6 month period. Basically was told tuff sh*t, too bad. They don't give you a telephone number to call until after your card is charged. The number is 877-226-3283.
3 June 21, 2010
By Jeremy from Edmonton, Canada
Matchmaker has no unique ideas for dating. It is a commonplace service so if you are looking for cheap dating online you can join Matchmaker.
4 June 18, 2010
By F. Johns from TX, USA
Matchmaker is the very service for online dating. It has a great number of users. Moreover, monthly fee is really low.

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