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Register Free at is the longest running, and possibly one of the best known, online dating sites on the internet. Launched in 1996 is an online dating site consisting of people 35 years old and above, and who are serious singles, focused on finding that long-term serious relationship and those who have marriage in mind. Matchmaker online dating review is the best way to learn the site!

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5 March 02, 2012
By JF from California
Reviews look favorable. Joined the one year- $119.00/year - in error. When I realized mistake cancalled subscription Matchmaker cancalled purchase right away. Really wanted only a 6 months membership to get started Requested cancellation which was done. Hope MM is legitimate and trustworthy. - had an experience with one that was not - BIG SCAM!!!
1 June 15, 2011
By PR from Houston, Texas
I get all sorts of messages from strange individuals, cities, and countries. Somehow (note this) these people got my email address and started emailing/messaging me. That along would make me think the owners of the site aren't keeping information confidential.
1 July 26, 2010
By KJ from San Jose
Recieved more "spam" interest notifications than ligitimate ones. Allot came from "Acampo" CA.
Was supposedly marked as a "favorite" by other members but found out that the member(s)never actually marked me as a favorite, so it seemed like it was "system" generated to increase activity so far as I can tell. If you use the "pay-for" service they will automatically keep charging your credit card unless you remember to cancel your account. Tried to canel 2 days after they charged for a 6 month period. Basically was told tuff sh*t, too bad. They don't give you a telephone number to call until after your card is charged. The number is 877-226-3283.
3 June 21, 2010
By Jeremy from Edmonton, Canada
Matchmaker has no unique ideas for dating. It is a commonplace service so if you are looking for cheap dating online you can join Matchmaker.
4 June 18, 2010
By F. Johns from TX, USA
Matchmaker is the very service for online dating. It has a great number of users. Moreover, monthly fee is really low.
4 December 13, 2009
By Tooley from Houston, TX
I was originally suspect of any online dating site. My friend convinced me to try I relunctantly registered, hoping to recognize some hotties in my area. After filling out a brief profile, I got someone asking me to post a photo. I obliged and got several winks. Before long, my dating life was alive again! I went on about five or six dates within the first two months. I've actually been dating the same girl that I met on going on three months now.
5 December 09, 2009
By Matt from LA, USA
Just want to say - Matchmaker is a great website! Recommend it!
5 December 09, 2009
By Len from US basically applies quantity over quality to the online dating scene. It offers tons of profiles to view and is perfect for those who just want to use the internet for finding someone and breaking the ice before setting up a date. The website will be less of a hit for people wanting to learn more about their compatibility with potential matches before heading out for a real-world encounter.
5 December 08, 2009
By KG from Canada
Over the past few years and after trying numerous online dating sites, I would say I have had the best luck of all with It’s a really enjoyable and easy site to use, and I really like the way it’s set up. I highly recommend it.
5 December 08, 2009
By Suz from GA, US
I find Matchmaker to be one of the better dating sites. People who have profiles on this website seem, in general, to be more sincere to me.

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