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Whether you're looking for a long-term relationship, a casual date, or just a larger social circle, is the only name you need to know about among all the other dating sites. The Mate1 online dating review is created on the basis of people's opinions and objective analysis. Review dating sites and join Mate1 today!

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2 December 09, 2012
By GV from Australia.
Watch these sites and the 3 day trail, I joined and straight after the 1st hr I was billed for a month, they show all these hot sexy women, though it just looks like a scam, just like, if I can give any advise here, make sure you check out reveiws before joining any dating site...
4 December 07, 2011
By M1S from Canada is always committed to finding a solution for its members and offers some of the best Customer Support available in the online dating industry, including 7-day-a-week toll-free phone support, round-the-clock email support –, as well as a live chat support feature available during normal business hours.Many similar sites offer only limited support options, some lacking even a phone number to get in touch with their staff. We’re even open for most holidays, and we post specific holiday hours directly on our Contact Us page when we’re not.

We welcome member to get in touch with our Customer Support team regarding any issues they might be experiencing, or any technical difficulties they have encountered and we'll be happy to try and resolve them. That's what we're here for!

Please refer to our site’s Help/Contact Us page, which contains most of our contact options, as well as easy answers to site questions.
1 October 03, 2011
By M.P.S. from Spain
Only 3 contacts entered into any lengthy dialogue and yes eventually they all asked for money for food. Come on mates read the addresses they give, they're usually spelled wrong and the profiles contradict themselves.
5 April 15, 2011
By BJB from Canada
#1 in my books.
1 December 22, 2010
By T.N.T from florida
Where do I start if you want to meet a bunch of weridos go to mate 1 the responses or werid and they dont even read your profile for the ages you pefer anybody emails you I would not try and meet anyone in person from this site in fear they may be a mass murder lmao I mean really someone 71 yrs old contacted me mate 1 dosent care whos on their site and at that fact dose not know what goese on dont put anything personal on here the people are freaks I am rarely on anymore but the people that has contacted me or either lossers or weirdos mostly weridos trust me you will see I am female and pretty I may add with lots of photos these people are freaks!
4 June 21, 2010
By Linda W. from Brunskill, Canada
mate1 is a good site with many abilities. Voice profile is cool so you can introduce yourself easily. There are many members - just try searching. I've been using it for a year already.There is no scam and technical support is good.
3 June 18, 2010
By Funny from Australia
Mate1 is too ordinary I think. there are no freash ideas for dating. It's really boaring to use such sites.
1 January 21, 2010
By NC from Canada
In your face scam site! C'mon SHANIA TWAIN is a member!?????????
1 January 03, 2010
By KW from NC
I'd like to try the site, but there are too many complaints when I preform a search. And isnt that a thumbnail of SHANIA TWAIN displayed first on the gallery view???
4 December 13, 2009
By JD from Gulf Coast
I joined just under 3 months ago, and am very pleased with the results. I think there are a few things that have made my experience successful.
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