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3 March 10, 2013
By G.B. from New York
I joined in 2006. I met a lot of people pulling scams. People saying they were this and that and finding out that they were "stranded" in Africa. I met a couple of people in person but, didn't work out. In 2007 I came across a woman who I met as a last chance. We met and hit it off! We are now married for 5 years with a beautiful 4 year old girl and one on the way. I love my family and my life. Thank you Singlesnet
1 January 01, 2013
By jwh from
Very,very poor service
5 November 02, 2012
By kds from michigan
About this time in 2009 I put a profile on singlesnet. I was just sticking a proverbial toe in the water, not sure if I really wanted to date; just wanting to check out the online thing. I didn't pay for a subscription. I chatted with several men, and went out with one who became a friend before I met Bob. We talked online for 3 months before he drove the 100 miles from his home to mine so we could meet over my (1 hour) lunch break February 1, 2010. One hour became 2 1/2 hours, and coffee became lunch, then dinner, followed by weekends together. We were married 11/11/11 so our one year anniversary is fast approaching. I cannot recall how many people I've met that have been amazed at our story. Just a toe in the water for me changed both our lives and we couldn't be happier!
1 February 22, 2012
By KL from Illinois
Won't cancel my subscription--signed up for one month and can't get cancelled. Have paid 100 already.
1 December 14, 2011
By Sm from NM
Lots of creeps who ask to meet or have dinner within 5 minutes of talking to them. I tell them " no thanks" and then they say jerkoff things back so I block them.
5 July 22, 2011
By AC from Moomin Land
Oh baby! This is like the best site ever..oh yeah.
5 July 13, 2011
By Lacee from
Free dating sites on the internet are a great way to communicate and meet new people. There are many sites which are not actually free dating sites, but they are serving the same purpose too. These are many social networking sites, matrimonial sites and friendship sites. These are free, so these seem better to people to use for virtual, or real in the long run, dating purposes. But people on these sites are not always interested in dating. So it becomes tricky and complicated to actually find people who would be interested. If you are adding people for this purpose, maybe the next person is not there for the same purpose.
5 July 11, 2011
By SB from Omaha
I met my husband on singlesnet in 2006. We have now been married 4 years and have a wonderful life and family together. Thank you, singlesnet. I couldn't be happier
5 July 06, 2011
By GJ from NM
I too liked the feature that allows free flirting and then a paid member can initiate a conversation. I met my most perfect match here :)
5 March 31, 2011
By R.W from NC
Singlesnet has worked for me, i met my soon to be wife about 9 months ago, everything has worked out just fine. We recently moved in together, and the wildest thing is that we were from different states. It just goes to show you that you can meet your soulmate online. Thanks singlesnet
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