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Yahoo Personals Real Users Reviews

Yahoo Personals Review

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The Yahoo Personals dating review is the easiest way to get to know more about this dating site. It is one of the largest services on the internet today and you can write your own dating sites reviews and enjoy Yahoo Personals immediately!

Latest Users Reviews

5 January 06, 2011
By JMM from Falls Church, VA
Thank you Yahoo!Personals for the quality that your service offers. I began corresponding with "Are You Ready for Teddy?" in October 2007 and we were married August 14, 2010. He is a wonderful husband and friend, whom I love very much and I owe it all to you!!
5 June 21, 2010
By Brad G.
I always used but I didn't know that there was a special place for online dating. When I'd known about yahoo personals I registered there. It was half a year ago. I'm still there and I love this service.
5 June 18, 2010
By Betty23 from UK
Yahoo seems to be the most interesting dating site. It's simple in using and has many navigated features. So I reccomend it to everybody!
4 March 14, 2010
By from US
This is a good dating review!
4.9 January 08, 2010
By TM from Pullman
I think every one is using the site with own aims. Someone is just tired of everyday life, the other one is too old for dating in real life. But on Yahoo! Personals everything is easy. Both people have the same desire – to make date and create good relationships.
4.5 January 08, 2010
By Andrea from San Angelo
Unfortunately, I had bad experience experience. I found the person I liked, we met. Our first date was really amazing but then he disappeared. So now I don’t wanna use such sites.
4.2 January 07, 2010
By T. Klug from Columbia
I met the one who was looking straight into the first day of my search for Yahoo! Personals. I’m happy...
3.5 January 07, 2010
By Michelle from La Puente
I’ve found the relationships I need. I wish you success with your project, and all women and girls who are looking for their happiness in any country in the world!
4.4 January 06, 2010
By X. H. from Geisenfeld
Good day! Thank you for your cool web site. After having tried many dating services I know that yours ifs the best one. You are - a professional team!
5 January 04, 2010
By Molly from US
Good site.

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