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Dating site UK Zoosk is quite a new and fresh service, it started in 2007 but has become very popular in a very short space of time. Zoosk dating is a modern site with fantastic features. The Zoosk review will tell you how to use this dating site and the featured applications which are available for a number of popular social networking sites including,,, and You can start Zoosk dating right away and join around17 millions other members who are taking advantage of this site. Want to know how to use Zoosk? Read review and find the particular review for Zoosk dating and read about all the features available on this site. 

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Zoosk review shows that Zoosk com won the People’s Choice Open Web Award in the Dating and Romance Category in 2009. After this event Zoosk dating has been spread all over the world and the dating site UK Zoosk is available in twelve languages. You can use Zoosk com in Italian, French and Spanish, so if English is not your native language you can chose a language more suitable for you according to the Zoosk review for. By the way, there are many pretty girls and handsome men on Zoosk, this is the perfect opportunity to find that special someone in your life.

To create your own profile and start Zoosk dating, you should complete a 7 step online application and then you can learn how to use the site with the Zoosk review:

  • Enter your email address then Zoosk will send you an activation code
  • Go to the link sent to you by email and use the activation code to get your account up and running
  • Give basic information about yourself (name, nickname you want to use, education, height, ethnicity, relationship status etc.)
  • Indicate your present location
  • Add some more things about you (your story, your perfect match, your ideal first date etc.) use the Zoosk review to get an idea of what you should include
  • Upload photos
  • Describe your likes and dislikes for dating
  • Invite Your Friends to Write Testimonials on your personal profile

Read Zoosk review and know how to use Zoosk

The Zoosk dating layout is pretty simple, easy to follow and to understand and once you are in you can edit your profile, use search items, receive and send emails and create a favorites list using the Zoosk review. calls its profiles “The Date Cards”, so create your own date card online and you’ll find your perfect match on Zoosk dating! Because there are many members to choose from.

You can upgrade your account according to the Zoosk review using either a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club. UK Zoosk usually offers different discounts and you can get to know more about them in the Zoosk review.

Zoosk membership upgrades can be taken for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months and savings can be made with the longer period a membership is taken over.

You can see the value and the advantages of premium account for your self:

  • Contact 40 Million Singles with Zoosk review for Zoosk dating
  • Respond to Emails and Winks with dating site UK Zoosk
  • Allow Non-Premium Members to Contact You for Free using Zoosk dating
  • Premium Profile Placement
  • Find out who viewed your Date Card at dating site UK Zoosk


Become a premium member of dating covers many countries and territories and the great thing is nobody would think that you’re too old for Zoosk. It’s the coolest way to meet people on the Internet for dating. So don’t hesitate and join for free! And leave your Zoosk review on our site!

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Latest Users Reviews

5 April 07, 2015
By IV from Paterson, New Jersey
I found my husband on Zoosk website 15 months ago. We both had similar interest, family oriented. We both went dating online because with work and family we had no time to going out to find companionship. We went with the flow and we were just married 2/15/15 it HAS BEEN A DREAM COME TRUE FOR THE BOTH OF US. If it was not for the online dating zoosk we would have never met. We use to live an hour away from each other. It was definitely meant to be for us. It was scary at first BUT we recognized we were good people with good family and a good match. We have 10 children between us! :)
1 July 31, 2014
By TJ from Canada
I am trying to figure out how to get OFF this crappy scamming Zoosk site!

Unless you want to pay lots of money you cannot meet anyone and need to buy "coins" to read or reply to messages, look at whole profiles or pics or accept chats...

For 3 days I have tried posting "I am leaving Zoosk so please do not message me or waste your money trying to chat with me because I can't even see your messages" and whoever is approving ads deletes ALL that despite the fact it does not violate any written Zoosk rules...

In other word you have NO right to free speech and you can't even say in your own profile you are leaving without that being deleted for no reason!

I have met NOBODY here not even chatted to one in over 3 months... save your efforts for a site like POF, OKCupid or at least you have a chance there... once I leave Zoosk I will never waste my time there again!
1 October 17, 2013
By rk from pa.
big rip off. PAID for the subscription, and then they want more money for coins. Very poor search ability.Go else where. they get a very poor rating -5
1 October 03, 2013
By VE from las vegas
This site is a all FAKE. pictures are downloaded from internet sites and added to their site as a member. their APP on IPHONE and the ZOOSK internet on PC is totally different. When I notice that I called them and they could not come up with the right answer, their answer was the iPhone APP is smaller so it can not hold all info as the PC dose. That was very funny for me a year old supervisor in zoosk come up with aBS answer this site is fake and is a waist of money.
1 August 30, 2013
By BMM from Ft. Myers
This is a NO STAR RANKING. I joined this con artist site for (what I thought was $19.95 mo.
I joined for ONE MONTH.
These scumbags billed me for THREE @$19.95 ea.
$60.00 for being referred to "COWS" is definitely not worth it, let alone $19.95.

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