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This dating site in the UK is called Zoosk and is a pretty young service. The Zoosk dating review will tell you how to get the most out of this site. Read online dating review and find the particular review for Zoosk dating.

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1 April 28, 2013
By RK from NJ
Like many, I too was curious about Zoosk and decided to give it a try. Huge mistake!! The type of men that are parading around on this site, can only be described as being "the scum of the earth", and not just in looks either. This one guy I had started talking to on here (whom I thought was attractive) ended up cancelling our date with no explanation. Well after a little digging around, I found out that the reason was because he was still very much married, even though he claimed he was divorced...can we say liar? The second guy I started talking to on here, ended up meeting me and we at first hit things off immediately. I guess I should have seen it coming, when he was quick to initiate that were were "official" a couple days before meeting me in person. By the time we met, our whole "relationship" was just so intense and moved extremely fast. About maybe 3 weeks into seeing each other, he had me move in with him. At the time, I did not think anything of it, because I was instantly smitten, even though my friends and family kept warning me this guy is bad news. Well, moving in with him (especially so soon), definitely opened my eyes to what life would really be like with this guy. Things started out okay in the beginning, but then quickly soured really fast near the end. I only lasted living with him for almost 2 weeks, before I couldn't take anymore. Turns out, my prince charming was actually the devil himself (no exaggeration). He ended up showing his true colors: master manipulator (I even looked up the signs you are dating a manipulator and he matched all 6 out of the 7), a liar, a thief, a cheater, a control-freak, a user, a rage-aholic on the road and in his temper, and was very verbally abusive near the end (when I started to finally stand up for myself). What finally did it for me, was the day after I moved out, I checked my phone and saw a voicemail from him and decided to listen to it. I thought it was odd, because he never leaves me voicemails that are like 3 almost 4 mins long. So as I am listening to the voicemail, at first all I hear is loud music thumping and near the tail end of the message, I hear him thanking an ex girlfriend for giving him a BJ. When I confronted him about it, he at first acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, then he turned around a minute later and said it wasn't like he actually had intercourse with her. You can't be friggin serious?!? Needless to say, I was very disgusted. He even had the audacity to expect me to move back in with him, after that. Anyway, he also stole money from me too, which I did not find out about until I went to check my bank account and I still have not been paid back. He also always yelled at me a lot and blamed me for things and always demanded that I have food on the table whenever he would come home from work and that his laundry and cleaning be done as well. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was a maid. He also turned out to be a pot-head too and a man-whore (over 90 women right before me). I wish I had seen all the red flags in the beginning that everyone else had tried warning me about, but he was so great at putting on the charm and trying to pass himself off as a total "southern gentleman", who believed that only the man should pay for things- not the woman. Liar!! I ended up spending all my money on this loser, while he never paid a cent. I do not know where Zoosk finds these low-lifes, but this site should be reported and taken down immediately. No decent quality of men on here at all. There is way more that happened between this guy and myself, that I cannot talk about on here. Ladies, please do not make the same mistakes I did, by getting sucked into the smooth-talking nonsense of a lot of these men.
1 December 28, 2012
By ML from New York
I discovered recently that Zoosk has been misleading their customers. It appears that if you have not deleted profiles in the “Who Viewed You” section, and merely skimmed through those photos without actually tapping into them, Zoosk will automatically forward a message to the the owner of these profiles alerting them that you have viewed their photos. I find this an unethical way of conducting business. I have voiced my opinion to customer service only to be told that it is a minor technicality. I feel that it is an issue only because it can be misleading to someone whom is genuinely interested in getting to know you. I would have never known about this “minor technicality” of theirs, if a member on Zoosk had not accused me of viewing his profile several times without ever making any effort to chat with him. The odd thing was, I never looked at this individuals profile other then to reply to his message. As far as i am concerned, these automatic alerts are an embarrassment and an inconvenience. They play havoc with emotions rather than to attempt connecting people based on sincere interest. If I were to rate Zoosk from 1 to 5, I would rate that site a “0”!
1 November 01, 2012
By MR from UK
Daylight Robbery! A sham, scam and they don't care because you payed already. Even now after me paying for a single month they still send you fake winks and messages. The most undeniably shit way to not meet anyone! Solitary confinement is at least free and just as productive!
1 October 24, 2012
By JB from US
I've been on zoosk a couple of months and its been a waste of time and money. I'm a good looking guy with character but apparently from the lack of responses to the fake profiles trying to sell you other dating sites or other crap I don't want I feel a refund would be appropriate. Please whatever you do whether dating by carrier pigeon or craigslist don't waste time with zoosk.
1 October 08, 2012
By RB from Arizona
I was going to join but I wanted to test trial it for awhile. Well, I couldn't contact anyone without having to pay for a subscription. The next thing I know it I was blocked by a Zoosk Administration with no explanation. They are a scam and you are better running away as far as you can. Oh and all the people you meet except maybe a few are fake by the administration of Zoosk. You are better at other sites that are actually free and aren't scammers trying to get your money.
1 September 26, 2012
By O.B. from Florida
Zoosk dating line was ok until all of a sudden my messages, flirts and all chats are in French, I dont speach French so now I am totally in the dark as it seems irreverseable. HELP Zoosk!
1 September 22, 2012
By BK from USA
This is my experience with Zoosk; I quickly wrote this (forgive spelling and grammar errors… I have so many other things to do besides baby a negative review for Zoosk) so take it for what it is… my experience, things I’ve learned, and my personal view of them… as a paying member.

What I don’t like:

If you are a paying member and send a message to a nonpaying member, they will not be able to read your message

If you try to send your email in a message that message will be deleted by Zoosk.

Zoosk is pretty restrictive on what you can post in your profile (for example, you cannot say that you are a paying member, mention anything about Zoosk, etc.). Now I’m not talking about offensive posts; I’m talking about general information (likes, dislikes, membership status, etc). Zoosk will edit your profile content. I believe if I’m a paying member I should be able to post whatever I want: email address, phone number, user name, my preferred IM client…etc. HA, even my home address if I wanted!!! I wouldn’t post such specifics (I value my privacy) but if I paid and I’m an adult, I should be able to post whatever I want as long as it isn’t offensive to others. If I’m a paying member, why can’t I say that in my profile???

Your modified searches are not saved. For instance, if you do not want to meet someone with kids, someone taller / shorter than you, ethnicity, religion, etc, those modifications are not saved next time you do a search. Also, their “Zoosk ‘Scientific’ Matching Services” (ZSMS) sucks! I keep getting matched with obvious fake profiles, women who are 5” taller than me, women 10 years older than me, etc. It’s quite annoying! Also, it’s pretty obvious that their ZMS feature is not geared to finding a match nor does zoosk care if you find a match. You will not be able to connect with them unless they are a paid member.

-About the ZSMS: every day you get an email with a new possible match (not based on your preferred search criteria as that’s not saved). If you like the possible match then you can select “Yes” (as in, I like this match). Now, if the match IS A PAID MEMBER AND selects “Yes” too, then your off and running. The flaw is that every match they send you IS a non-paying member so if you select yes and the other person selects yes but is not a paying member, you will never know nor be able to “match-up”. This is some real Scientific matching!

-Overall, Zoosk is only concered about one thing: making money. They don’t even hold your experience on their site in high regard…

1. There is no way to contact customer service unless you snail mail (physically mail them). There is absolutely no other way to contact them if you have a question or complaint. In fact their legal department will tell you AFTER you fill out an online form that only requests from law enforcement will be answered.
2. In their terms and conditions they do not tell you what you will be able to do when you pay for a membership (i.e., they don’t tell you that you cannot send readable messages to non-paying members, you cannot send your email in messages (no phone number… I’m still not exactly sure how one is supposed to “connect” with possible dates on this site!)
3. Zoosk is full of fake profiles & scammers. One such example is a good looking “profile” will send you a message knowing you are a paid member (the profile name of paying members is “A Zoosk Member”… I know, my argument above was an example), send you some type of encrypted contact info (yes, there is a way to send your email as long as it’s jumbled up, does not contain an “@” or “.com”, etc.)… long story short, these scammers will then tell you a sad story and how they need help and if you could wire them some cash. I can tell a fake profile a mile away and just delete those messages. But for others, be forewarned; Zoosk does not make a person fill out any information before posting a profile.
4. There are hidden fees and once Zoosk has your card info, they will charge it for any ‘extras’ that you may or may not be aware of; by joining you agree to their terms and conditions which includes a clause that any charges incurred by you are non-disputable! I’ve also heard that after filling out your credit card info (for a paid membership) and hitting submit, Zoosk, now having your card info, will add an “account activation” fee (something like an extra $25!!!). They don’t tell you about this beforehand.
5. If you pay for a 6 month membership and delete your profile month 2, you will forfeit the remaining 4 months of membership plus everything you paid.

I believe Zoosk is definitely a scam! They offer no customer service (even to paying members), they will edit your profile and profile pics (for apparently no reason), they do not do a good job keeping fake profiles and scammers off their site, they will continue to charge your credit card, and even if you are a paying member you will not be able to connect with non-paying members.

I’m still waiting out the remainder of my paid membership and when over, I will delete my profile and go elsewhere. I find the things above unfair and untruthful and expect Zoosk to eventually get a class action lawsuit for their dishonest conduct. I’m not holding my breath nor am going to instigate. Instead, I feel this information should be known to anyone thinking about paying for a membership with Zoosk. I wish I knew this information before I ponied up $80 (btw, I paid through PayPal and thus avoided hidden fees).

My BEST ADVICE to anyone considering a membership with Zoosk… do a google search for “zoosk complaints scams”. Good luck!
1 September 20, 2012
By AV from Perth, WA
Zoosk is expensive - and not worth the price you pay.

Full of people who aren't actually who they claim to be. I had one even trying to get me to click on a link in an attempt to trick me into installing a virus or spyware onto my computer - didn't work because I am not retarded.

There are not enough people on there.

They have something called 'winks'. These are like pokes on facebook to test the water and see if you get a wink back or a message. This would be fine if many had not got automatic winks set up which automatically send a wink back regardless of whether or not the person actually wants to talk to you or not. You end up wasting your time sending a message to someone who either isn't who they are or doesn't want a message from your fine internet profiled self.

I subscribed after receiving a wink back - turned out this was an automatic wink which I at the time knew nothing about. The site encouraged me to subscribe to read this message i'd apparently got which wasn't a message at all.

Customer service is appalling. I expressed my concerns listed above to deaf ears.

I've used dating sites before and this is the worst. Lovestruck and Match remain the best.
1 September 04, 2012
By JS from Mebane, NC
I joined this site and I did get some flirts and winks. Was talking with a guy from MI who was a web designer. Said his wife, oldest child and parents died in a car accident - he went to Nigeria 4 months ago and then lost his job and now working as a waiter to try and get back to the US. I then was speaking to another man who was supposedly in Winston-Salem and after a couple of emails he said his mother had married a man in Nigeria and she was in a car accident and he was there. Said his wife died of lung cancer and he was raising his 4 yr old daughter. After BOTH told me they were widows, single fathers and in Nigeria, I decided to cancel my membership. I am not going to be used or played by these fools. Both of these guys were also college grads and were having hard times composing sentences with proper grammar. This site is a scam and DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
1 August 09, 2012
By eb from austin
This is a scam. I flirted with 50 attractive and unattractive ladies and not one response and I'm not a bad looking guy. Don't spend your hard earn money on this BS.
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