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History was created in 2003. It was a kind of social project so was absolutely free. Many Internet users paid attention to this online dating service, so it was growing very quickly. The site was fun and easy-to-use. It offered many interesting things for its members: online dating, chatting, and e-mailing. became one of the top dating services online.

But in 2004 the site directors decided to change their business model. The dating service became paid. Company’s CEO Chad Brak, declared: "We are headed in the right direction, but we now need to emphasize quality in a market that could use it," said Chad. "It's one thing to boast a lot of growth, but it's another to attract quality members."

But that business model was not successful and many members left the site. started to loose its popularity. In 2008 the company came back to the old model.

Now is one of the most popular free dating sites. It is in the lead of other sites in the Internet dating market.


Registration is quite a simple and interesting process, it will take only 30 seconds to get full access to the site. You’ll have to create your nickname and password, and type your e-mail. Your email address won’t be seen by other members. All the information you give is absolutely confidential.

You’ll be surprised with the fast and uncomplicated way of registering. The site won’t ask you for any credit card details of web-money transfers.


  1. Live chat. There are two ways you may chat with site members. The first way is chatting with people from your friends list. If they are not on your friends list you should wait until the user writes you an e-mail and only then you’ll be able to chat with him/her.
  2. Blog. You can start your own blog, it’s interesting for you and for other members to read and to add to. In the blog you can write about your feelings, emotions, way of life and so on.
  3. Pictures. You can upload your own photo for the main page and also create albums with different pictures. It’s also possible to rate pictures of other members.
  4. Personality test. This test will tell you a lot about yourself. You will know which of your features are attractive to other people.
  5. Forums. There are many different forums with a variety of topics. You can visit them whenever you want, talk with other users, discuss common problems and express your opinions.

Rating is one of the most famous online dating sites. If you don’t want to pay for online dating, this site is perfect for you! Join today and enjoy right away!

Brand level Members database Profile quality Scam protection Free Access Features Cost/Quality ratio Overall
6/10 7/10 4/10 2/10 10/10 7/10 6/10 6.0
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Latest Users Reviews

1 December 09, 2011
By H from Ohio
Tried for the past 2 weeks to sign up. It just keeps taking me to a blank page that has a picture at the top of it with people cheering and jumping for joy...
3 October 21, 2011
By DD from Cincinnati
I have been a member of for about a month now. I haven't met that special one yet, but I have talked to some amazing people!
4 March 18, 2010
By Robert S. from WV
I’m so happy to be a member of This site gave me a great chance to find many-many friends. I really have a perfect rest when I’m there. Thanks to!!
4.5 March 14, 2010
By Janet K.G. from DC
Many people say it’s awful to make online dating. But I love it! I think it’s a perfect opportunity to meet people you like. I don’t waste my time for searching someone in the streets on bars; I just visit my favorite and enjoy it!
4.4 March 01, 2010
By B.R. from New York
BOM has interesting forums. I like discussing many things there. I always meet interesting people with interesting points of views. I think BOM is a good project!

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